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Sunday, March 14, 2010

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Yes, I was briefly excited by this news that David Fincher is in charge of a Heavy Metal film revamp (er, another one!). I sometimes think Fincher is great. Zodiac was a masterpiece. Then there was Benjamin Button. No one is perfect. In any case, there are a few oddities here: It’s funny to me that someone would be SO excited to make an anthology movie based on, I guess, the “idea” of an anthology that was last good 25 years ago. On the other hand, I kinda understand it — HM represents a cinema-friendly storytelling style and is ready-made content for CG-fetishists. Assuming this involves work like Arzach and RanXerox, as opposed to, oh, I dunno, Captain Sternn, it could be rather remarkable. Then again, Kevin Eastman was attached as director, too. So… oh hell. There was a period when Chris Cunningham was set to make RanXerox, which could have truly blown minds and would again make sense since Cunningham worked for Fincher on Alien: Resurrection Alien 3. The whole thing seems to have fallen apart, and while I once even saw some gorgeous production designs online, they seem to have vanished. Alas, I suppose I would just hope for some kind of blowback that sees a RanXerox, color-corrected deluxe edition published. Or the complete works of Sergio Macedo. Etc. Incidentally, here are Cunningham’s designs (under the name Chris Halls) for the unfortunately terrible Judge Dredd movie. This post is called “pulling a Frank.”

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Five Images That Prove Wally Wood’s Greatness


Saturday, April 18, 2009

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Oh, just for fun, or maybe to get some mileage out of my distracting obsession with Wally Wood. Pretty much what the title says it is: A tiny sampling of why Wood is such a compelling artist.

He understood physical grace (and he was a great costume designer).

He could organize space in a way that made it seem infinite and STILL teeming with “stuff”.

His hyper-detailed, baroque inking style gave aliens and technology a solid, complex dimensionality.

He was funny.

In his later years he figured a wonderfully airy sense of space — his figures no longer stiff or contorted, and his pen line (or assistant’s line) smooth and minimal.

That’s it.
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