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Thursday, July 31, 2008

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Your Pshaw! for the day is brought to you by Comics Comics 4, which features yet more of the above gag series.

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A Frenzy of Goddess of War Mania


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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It’s going to be a challenge, but I’m going to try and keep the hype for Lauren R. Weinstein‘s amazing new The Goddess of War to a minimum on this blog, even though it’s clearly the best adventure/science fantasy/romance/Western comic book released in years, if not ever. (I’m not biased.)

But just this once, here’s some TGoW-related news:

1. New York magazine presents a special preview excerpt!

2. Lauren has started a blog. (We’ll see how long that lasts. Enjoy it while you can.)

3. There will be a signing/release party for the book from 4 to 7 pm this Sunday, at Desert Island in Brooklyn, which will also feature the debut of a brand-new silkscreen print and a new window installation Lauren (& friends) created for the store.

4. There will be an even bigger signing/reading/performance on Tuesday night at Manhattan’s legendary Strand Bookstore, starting at 7.

5. And if you’re still not convinced, here are some good recent reviews of the book from Jog and Alex Cox.

6. And finally, as mentioned once before, the PictureBox site is currently featuring a photographic tour of her studio.

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It’s Here!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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Now buy it! New Comics Comics for sale here!

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Comics Comics 4 Debuts!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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Just to fill out some of the details of Dan’s announcement and get more people psyched, here’s more info on what you’ll get with the latest issue of Comics Comics, debuting at San Diego this week:

* A cover story and interview with the mysterious Shaky Kane

* A package on legendary Topps man (and not-so-secret comics guru) Woody Gelman, drawing on research from Patrick Rosenkranz and featuring Art Spiegelman

* An editorial on the declining profile of traditional comic books by Sammy Harkham

* Giant comics and illustrations from Dan Zettwoch, Mike Reddy, and Jon Vermilyea

* Brian Chippendale on all the latest superhero comics

* Joe “Jog” McCulloch on Gerald Jablonski

* Aragones-style marginal comics from PShaw!

* An exploration of Kentaro Miura‘s totally bonkers manga Berserk

* A list from an anonymous but highly regarded cartoonist

* Contributions from Eamon Espey and Benjamin Marra

* More!

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Speak of the Devil (finale)


Monday, July 21, 2008

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Gilbert Hernandez has just released the last issue of one of the most exciting and enjoyable comics mini-series in years. Why hasn’t this been seriously reviewed? Maybe the critics are all waiting for the trade paperback to come out. Isn’t that always the way? I can’t tell you how many people revealed to me that they haven’t been reading this series, that they are “waiting for the trade”.

Well, their loss. Cuz, for me, this was a series that got me back into the comic store, looking for it every month. When I guessed right and checked the stands on the day the last issue was released, it was a thrill. A thrill to spy it on the shelf, and a thrill to race home and read it under lamplight, and a thrill to have the shit scared out of me during the finale. Isn’t this part of the experience of being a fan of a series, of a periodical? How could “waiting for the trade” beat the ratcheting up of suspense from month to month, as I wait for the next issue? It couldn’t. But unfortunately that’s the world comics are released in these days. It’s as though the issues are just an advertisement for the trade paperback collection.

I can’t bring myself to really review the last issue of Speak of the Devil. My Beto fix and the high I got from this series are too out there to really explain. I’m in love with his layouts. They are incredibly sophisticated and have an architecture all their own. Gilbert knows what he’s doing, trust me. You might not dig the style he’s employing but you can’t NOT see how Beto uses rhythm and tone like a musician. His comics are a complex code of directions and signs, symbols, minor and major keys.

The drum I keep beating with this comic is that, for me, it’s really like some obscure late night TV noir directed by Fritz Lang that at first glance is campy, has awkward dialogue, is in black and white: most viewers flip past it, miss it, miss the purposeful staging, “blocking” of each scene, maybe watch a bizarre fight scene or a wooden kiss, but usually discard the lot as pulp, genre, formula. Yet that Fritz Lang movie and this Beto comic are equal in INTENT. They are genuinely artful, terrifying and strange, playful almost, and these poems go unnoticed by most because they’re not really LOOKING. It’s incredible. I feel like the attentive geeky fan going LOOK! Look at what he’s doing! Triple backflip and he nailed the landing! It’s the Beto Olympics!

And I then I ask around and no one’s read it yet, and I think, You’ve gotta be kidding! You didn’t see that as it happened? And that’s the bummer of this post comics pamphlet era for alt and art comics. But that’s another story …


Comics Comics at Comic-Con


Monday, July 21, 2008

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Oh boy, Comics Comics 4 will debut at Comic-Con! This one’s got Shaky Kane, Dan Zettwoch, Woody Gelman, Brian Chippendale, Sammy Harkham, Joe McCulloch, Mike Reddy, PShaw!, Eamon Espey, Benjamin Marra, Berserk, and much much more (well, just a little more). Come by and grab one and argue about Alex Ross with us! PictureBox — booth 1630.

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Your Pshaw! for the Day


Sunday, July 20, 2008

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By Pshaw!