Five Images That Prove Wally Wood’s Greatness


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oh, just for fun, or maybe to get some mileage out of my distracting obsession with Wally Wood. Pretty much what the title says it is: A tiny sampling of why Wood is such a compelling artist.

He understood physical grace (and he was a great costume designer).

He could organize space in a way that made it seem infinite and STILL teeming with “stuff”.

His hyper-detailed, baroque inking style gave aliens and technology a solid, complex dimensionality.

He was funny.

In his later years he figured a wonderfully airy sense of space — his figures no longer stiff or contorted, and his pen line (or assistant’s line) smooth and minimal.

That’s it.

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9 Responses to “Five Images That Prove Wally Wood’s Greatness”
  1. Inkstuds says:

    There is a guy in Vancouver, who has an original Wood from I think 51 or 52 and its a really amazing scratch board. If you ever come to Vancouver you have to see it. It is quite the piece of beauty.

  2. Eric Reynolds says:

    Great post.

  3. Frank Santoro says:

    damn. that was a good one

  4. Frank Santoro says:

    also, it’s interesting to note that the Daredevil cover was edited. I found out that originally one of the monsters on the rooftop was carrying away some damsel – like pulling her off the roof, on to the roof, in the corner – and Marvel 86’d it.

  5. the ghost of jermaine stewart says:

    aren’t those the Ani-men who the x-men fight in the issue where Thunderbird dies? I hadn’t realized that they had also gone up against daredevil.

  6. Sean Howe says:

    And you did it without any spacemen!

  7. nsatkinson says:

    There's a guy on Comic Art Fans with a rough of a THUNDER Agents page. Thought you'd be interested:

  8. Nicholas says:

    I’m gagging a little. Inspiring stuff!

  9. al gordon says:

    Thanx for the great images and article.

    I always thought that the Daredevil cover mighta had a smidgen of Kirby in it… like he possibly did a thumbnail for it. Or maybe Wally was channeling Jack… certainly at that period Stan was telling everyone to draw like Kirby. Either way it’s an awesome Drawing!

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