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MoCCA Lecture


Friday, May 30, 2008

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I’m going to be giving a lecture at MoCCA on saturday June 7th at 3:45. I hope that anyone who enjoys this blog, or my approach to comics, will come out.

It’s going to be about static and dynamic symmetry in art and how it applies to comics. There’s a couple handouts and I promise it won’t be boring. I’ve been keeping notes, preparing for it for weeks now, so I can promise you that it will be informative and entertaining.

I do a great Swannee.

and also, of course, Dan and Tim and I will be our usual peppy selves at the Puck Building on saturday and sunday for the actual MoCCA festival.

June 7 Saturday 3:45pm MoCCA Gallery, 594 Broadway (Suite 401), just below Houston.

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partial comics report


Monday, May 26, 2008

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So here I am, empty NYC for Memorial Day, at an internet cafe checking email. How low can you go? $3.75 for half an hour? Man.

So, Dan’s in LA with Gary Panter. Tim is in Limbo somewhere (the beach?). And me, I’m just trying to stifle my urge to yell F**k The Troops to the throngs of white uniformed sailors souring these East Village streets.

Saw Sun Ra’s Arkestra last nite. It was the anniversary of his leaving this world and the birthday of the band’s present leader, Marshall Allen. Sun Ra’s music is still out there, it still cuts, and the musicians are just masters of their art, breathtaking to behold.

In Cold Heat news there are two new Specials are at the printers. See you at MoCCA.


Rest in Peace, Rory


Friday, May 23, 2008

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Rory. If it wasn’t for you, brother, the road would have been a lot tougher for us all, but particularly for young artists in the Bay Area who wanted to produce and sell difficult work. Josh Petrin bought my first zines off of me, but it was your store. And when we first met you said, “Oh, you’re that Sirk guy. Great stuff. Keep ’em comin’. We’ll buy ’em all.” When one is nineteen and only a little sure of one’s self, let alone one’s work, these are incredibly encouraging words. Like Marc Arsenault said, if it wasn’t for Rory, a lot of us wouldn’t be here at all. I wish I could write out some warm heartfelt story about how it’s all gonna be OK, but I can’t, won’t, cuz this just sucks.

See you on the other side, man. And thanks. Really. I couldn’t have gotten this far without your help.

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Your New York in May Hangover Update


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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Oy Vey, as Dan would say. Where have we been you ask? Working! Slaving away at our desks making comics, books, posters, prints. Spring has sprung and I’m in NYC instead of Pittsburgh PA cuz, well, overall there’s cuter girls here and um, oh yeah, we’re putting together the new issue of Comics Comics.

It’s also been a week of Gary Panter events that I couldn’t pass up. First, there was Gary’s exhibition of paintings at the Clementine Gallery that was pretty awesome. Next was a signing at the Strand bookstore with Jonathan Lethem and Gary. It was a packed house and Mr. Lethem dutifully introduced Gary and kind of framed Gary’s work from his point of view, how he discovered it. When the Q&A began I immediately asked Gary about the powerful symbols that he uses in his work, how conscious was he to their assembly, to their arrangement? He said that it’s like channeling, “But not like from Demons or something. Y’know when you meet Demons you gotta greet them like old friends or they get all freaked out and scare you.”

And then the girl with the microphone asked “Next question? Anyone else?” AND NO ONE ELSE raised their hand so I said “I have a follow up,” and grabbed the mic. I couldn’t believe it. The Strand Bookstore. New York City. Packed house. Jonathan Lethem and Gary Panter. And no one is asking either of these two titans any questions. What kind of cow-town is this? Pittsburgh? (and where were all the new york cartoonists ?- there was “no one” there except the usual suspects which on that night was just me and Mark Newgarden)

So I asked them to talk about Omega the Unknown. They obliged but I can’t really remember what they said. Gary told his story about dropping his pages off at Marvel. Jonathan talked about how Marvel was surprised that he didn’t want to do any of the major characters. That was about it. It was cool. More soon.

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Your Pshaw! for the Day


Thursday, May 1, 2008

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By Pshaw!

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