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“This Is What Comics Is All About”


Monday, April 30, 2007

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That was Dan’s subject line for the e-mail in which he sent me this.

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Second Issue Now Available for Download


Thursday, April 26, 2007

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Because the print run of the second issue of Comics Comics has sold out, we are now making it available for free downloading over at the sidebar.

So if you missed out on getting your own copy (and unfortunately, this one really does work best in its oversize paper form), you can now finally enjoy:

Peter Bagge on Spider-Man!

An interview with PShaw! (He has posted a nice color variation of this issue’s cover on his own site, by the way.)

Part one of a far-too-long essay on Steve Gerber‘s cult ’70s Marvel comics (Howard the Duck, Omega the Unknown, etc.)! (By the way, don’t forget to read the article’s accidentally excised footnotes.)

Kevin Nowlan on color separations!

Dan on Dave Sim‘s Collected Letters 2004!

Mark Newgarden on Michael Kupperman!

A beautiful “perpetual calendar” by the legendary Justin Green!

Comics and cartoons by PShaw, Matthew Thurber, and Lauren R. Weinstein!

And more!

P.S. When you’re done, drop us a line. There’s still time to make the letters page for issue three.

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Comics Enriched Their Lives! #6


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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How Jack Kirby helped the CIA rescue Americans from Iran.

(via The Jack Kirby Comics Weblog)

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In Answer to Bill Randall


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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In the latest Comics Journal, manga critic Bill Randall asks who will publish modern master Yuichi Yokoyama in English. Well, look no further. PictureBox is releasing an English version (though still reading right to left) of Yokoyama’s first book, New Engineering, in October. Travel, his second book, will follow in 2008, which will bring us up to date just in time to release a third, as yet untitled book that, having seen chunks of it, I can safely say is next level stuff. Randall’s analogy to Fort Thunder is right on. In fact the first time my friend Mike Buckley showed me the work he said “it’s like Brinkman crossed with Chris Ware.” Pretty much. It will be released simultaneously with Chippendale’s Maggots, CF’s Powr Mastrs, Santoro’s Storeyville and Weinstein’s Goddess of War. Yes, it’s “go time” at PictureBox HQ.

So there you have it: Your Comics Journal response of the day (great issue, by the way).

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Shredding Monster


Monday, April 23, 2007

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Remember when we used to sometimes post reviews and little essays on here. Well, we’re sort of too busy pulling together Comics Comics 3, our biggest and best issue yet and features a collaborative cover by Sammy Harkham and Guy Davis, as well as Kim Deitch on the meaning of life and a list by Renee French. Tim is slowly (?) losing his mind while finishing his essay on Steve Gerber and I’m having paranoid thoughts while finishing my “What Went Wrong With the Masters of American Comics Exhibition” diatribe. It’ll be out in June, debut at MoCCA, and blow your minds.

In the meantime, I’m please to write that last Wednesday’s event at the fabulous Issue Project Room was amazing. Amy Lockhart’s films wowed the crowd and then Matthew Thurber’s Ambergris blew the doors off the place. While Thurber and compatriot Rebecca Bird warbled and whistled I unrolled a spectacular scroll drawn by the Thurber himself. Those of you who haven’t bought the first issue of his 1-800 MICE should run out and get it now.

After Ambergris came Gary Panter and Devin Flynn. Now, Gary hadn’t played in public in a few decades, but as some of you may know, has released a couple of records and a handful of seven inches. Fun fact: Ian McClagen of The Faces played in Gary’s first record, Pray for Smurph (1983). It’s a stone cold classic of skronk psych-country music. Devin Flynn is half of Pixeltan and an accomplished animator whose work can be seen on big and small screens. Together, well, they laid it down, man. While Devin thumped and keyed and bass-ed Gary let loose on the guitar with some serious Texas-style chops and a dry, high plains yelp. When he sings “I fought the Lord” I kinda think he might’ve, inbetween painting, drawing, and duding. One audience member called the performance “masculine”, and I think it kinda was. Well, when his big books comes out maybe we’ll send him on tour with his gee-tar.

Anyhow, it was a fine night, and we hope to do it again real soon!

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This Wednesday!


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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From Dan’s press release:

It’s the rock-n-art event of the year! Or at least the month!

Yes, PictureBox, together with Issue Project Room, presents an evening of book/art related entertainment.

Musical sets by:

Gary Panter and Devin Flynn
This is Gary’s first live show since before you were born. You know Cream? It’ll be like that.

Matthew Thurber/Ambergris
Thurber put together a rock combo for this one. You know Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd? It’ll be like that.

And films by Amy Lockhart! Do you know goodness? It will be so.

All happening at 8 pm, April 18th.

Issue Project Room
400 Carroll Street
between Bond and Nevins
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Telephone: 718-330-0313


Come rock with us. (Oh and posters by Gary will be for sale, as well as other goodies!)

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Wizard Likes It!


Thursday, April 12, 2007

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If you want to avoid (mild) spoilers, don’t read Sean T. Collins’s brief review of Cold Heat #4 before the actual issue. But when you do read it, you will know that he is right.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

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Kurt Vonnegut, who sometimes wrote what he called “comic books without pictures.”

(Which isn’t strictly accurate, I don’t think, but now’s not the time for arguing.)

UPDATE: The Daily Cross Hatch has some short tributes from cartoonists.


Hands Across The Water


Monday, April 2, 2007

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Well, I’m back from 10 days in Paris and Amsterdam, and a good time was had by all. Or at least I had fun.

It was all work all the time, but I like my work, as you’ll see below. Ostensibly I was there to hang an exhibition of work by Brian Chippendale, Julie Doucet and Paper Rad, as well as all the PictureBox books at Le Monte-En-L’Air, an excellent bookstore/gallery run by the might Guillaume. The show opened on Tuesday, March 27th, with myself and Julie D. in attendance.

Just before the opening, Julie and I met up with the gang from Frederic Magazine

Here’s the place, and the show, below.


Julie D and Stephane Blanquet

But, being me, I squeezed in some other activities. I went to see Bruno Richard, king of the Parisian drawers and a collaborator with Pascal Doury in the groundbreaking zine ESDS, which began in the late 70s and continues to this day. To my mind, Richard and Doury are hugely important and massively overlooked–providing much of the impetus for things like Le Dernier Cri. Occasional collaborator Gary Panter sent me to Richard, who simply blew my mind with paintings, drawings, and fantastic books.

A Bruno drawing.

The man himself.

Proofs for a silkscreen book.

Rare original of a collaboration with Pascal Doury.

I also visited a number of other artists and publishers, L’Association, Cornelius, and Blexbolex among them. On my last day in Paris, I went to see Moebius (from one end of the spectrum to the other!), who greeted me warmly and we discussed a variety of projects. He was incredibly nice and very complementary, picking up immediately on what Frank is going with Cold Heat (“it’s like painting with the colors”) and enjoying Ninja, too. What a treat.

Jean Giraud and his wife, Isabelle.

And then it was off to Amsterdam for non-comics business, interviewing master illustrator (and the designer of the Yellow Submarine film) Heinz Edelmann, as well as artist and designer Simon Posthuma.

And now I’m back. Quite a few books heavier. Phew.

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