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Every Now and Then


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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Every now and then I feel compelled to make sure you, the CC faithful, are aware of what’s going on over at PictureBox. This is one of those times. You want fusion? Criticism? Porn? We have it all.

Dig this, and don’t go crying to Santoro if you miss it all:

Comics by Carlos Zefiro, a mid-century Brazilian cartoonist who makes Raymond Pettibon look like a wussy.

-Deeply underground material from the 1970s, like Book of Dreams by John Thompson (signed with drawings!) and Inner City Romance by Guy Colwell.

-Evidence of a burgeoning obsession with Italian comics maestro Magnus, in the form of a jaw dropping retrospective book and a very cool edition of Necron.

Graphic novels from the golden 80s.

-And of course, a gorgeous silkscreen and flocked print by Sir Tim Hensley and a new Jimmy Corrigan story by Chris Ware.

It’s like our very own Comic-Con! But less crowded and more fun. Don’t forget our comic strip, True Chubbo, multiple blogs, and the enchanting “Daily Yokoyama”.

Now back to your regularly scheduled reading.

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Fanboy Dreamz


Sunday, March 14, 2010

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Yes, I was briefly excited by this news that David Fincher is in charge of a Heavy Metal film revamp (er, another one!). I sometimes think Fincher is great. Zodiac was a masterpiece. Then there was Benjamin Button. No one is perfect. In any case, there are a few oddities here: It’s funny to me that someone would be SO excited to make an anthology movie based on, I guess, the “idea” of an anthology that was last good 25 years ago. On the other hand, I kinda understand it — HM represents a cinema-friendly storytelling style and is ready-made content for CG-fetishists. Assuming this involves work like Arzach and RanXerox, as opposed to, oh, I dunno, Captain Sternn, it could be rather remarkable. Then again, Kevin Eastman was attached as director, too. So… oh hell. There was a period when Chris Cunningham was set to make RanXerox, which could have truly blown minds and would again make sense since Cunningham worked for Fincher on Alien: Resurrection Alien 3. The whole thing seems to have fallen apart, and while I once even saw some gorgeous production designs online, they seem to have vanished. Alas, I suppose I would just hope for some kind of blowback that sees a RanXerox, color-corrected deluxe edition published. Or the complete works of Sergio Macedo. Etc. Incidentally, here are Cunningham’s designs (under the name Chris Halls) for the unfortunately terrible Judge Dredd movie. This post is called “pulling a Frank.”

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Jimbo is Back


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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It’s my duty, both as publisher and “critic” to call your attention to a new mini comic by up and coming young cartoonist Gary Panter. This is Gary’s first new Jimbo story in years and it’s a complete masterpiece, distilling both the abstractions of his recent paintings and his gag-strip timing into one truly awesome comic. It is, along with the new Acme Novelty Library, my favorite damn comic in months. It actually made me like comics again. And again. Conveniently, it’s only for sale at the PictureBox site. Get it now. It’s just fucking astoundingly good. Other favorite recent comics reading: Bottomless Bellybutton and Ranxerox vol. 1-3. Oh, and geez, I re-read Travel last night. It’s better than I remembered, and I published it! Try reading the commentary one page at a time. It’ll do things to you. Also, how come no one is violently offended by Monster Men? Are you people out there finding it in stores? I love it for its often brilliant writing, pacing, and matter-of-fact sexual horror. But that’s just me. Ok, see ya!

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