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Comics Comics 4 Debuts!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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Just to fill out some of the details of Dan’s announcement and get more people psyched, here’s more info on what you’ll get with the latest issue of Comics Comics, debuting at San Diego this week:

* A cover story and interview with the mysterious Shaky Kane

* A package on legendary Topps man (and not-so-secret comics guru) Woody Gelman, drawing on research from Patrick Rosenkranz and featuring Art Spiegelman

* An editorial on the declining profile of traditional comic books by Sammy Harkham

* Giant comics and illustrations from Dan Zettwoch, Mike Reddy, and Jon Vermilyea

* Brian Chippendale on all the latest superhero comics

* Joe “Jog” McCulloch on Gerald Jablonski

* Aragones-style marginal comics from PShaw!

* An exploration of Kentaro Miura‘s totally bonkers manga Berserk

* A list from an anonymous but highly regarded cartoonist

* Contributions from Eamon Espey and Benjamin Marra

* More!

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Comics Comics at Comic-Con


Monday, July 21, 2008

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Oh boy, Comics Comics 4 will debut at Comic-Con! This one’s got Shaky Kane, Dan Zettwoch, Woody Gelman, Brian Chippendale, Sammy Harkham, Joe McCulloch, Mike Reddy, PShaw!, Eamon Espey, Benjamin Marra, Berserk, and much much more (well, just a little more). Come by and grab one and argue about Alex Ross with us! PictureBox — booth 1630.

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Blah Blah Blah Comics Aren’t Just Words Blah Blah


Monday, August 27, 2007

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The Comics Journal has posted the audio from the “Comics Are Not Literature” panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con, which features Dan in discussion with Douglas Wolk, Sara Ryan, Cecil Castellucci, Paul Tobin and Austin Grossman.

There’s a lot of misunderstanding and talking at cross purposes, and large chunks of the panel are excruciatingly dull, but I always find it amusing how consternated people get when Dan says even the simplest, most self-evident things about comics. It gets more productive (if that’s the word) as it goes along.

Apparently, this will be up until October.

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San Diego


Thursday, August 2, 2007

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And here’s a brief bit from San Diego. I made it home in one piece, a bit worse for wear. Friends Eric Reynolds and Tom Devlin did their best to council me with sage-like wisdom but Comicon beat me bloody. The best part was really just hanging out with friends…. Anyhow, here are some images.

Tom tries to be funny. Weissman and Ryan oblige.

Special sidewise image! I accepted Ogden Whitney’s Hall of Fame
award at the Eisner Award ceremony. And they let me keep it! Haw!
As Johnny Ryan said, “what does it mean if the inductee is a better
cartoonist than the guy who the award is named for?” Good question,
Johnny! The Eisner Awards remain the best reason not to take comics
seriously as an art form (well, that and the Masters of American Comics
exhibition!). Tom looks at it enviously after a furious night of losing to
Gumby, Sandman (I lost to Sandman, too!) and other stuff waaaaaay better
than the Moomins and Tatsumi. Oh yes.

Matthew Thurber, Marc Bell and Jon Vermilyea go Bats.
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Go Town


Thursday, July 26, 2007

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Yes, we’re here in San Diego. Led by the inestimable Olive Panter, myself, Frank Santoro, Matthew Thurber, Marc Bell and Jon Vermilyea have arrived and begun selling here at Comic-Con. Great back issue shopping here. I’ve discovered that Carl Burgos rules! Also, sandwiches, anxiety, construction and hotels. Here are some pictures from the first day. Also, PictureBox has a new site with tons of new stuff! Shop your hearts out. And come see us if you’re in San Diego. Booth 1316.

Thurber and Bell work their magic.

The booth looketh good.
Thurber and Panter keep it casual.

Olive is proud of her Dad.
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PictureBox in San Diego


Monday, July 23, 2007

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Well, the PictureBox site itself is currently transitioning into a new beast, so this lowly blog will have to do for our San Diego announcement. PictureBox will be set up in San Diego in a beautiful booth. It will be designed and decorated by Matthew Thurber and Frank Santoro. Both artists will be signing books all weekend long, and so will Marc Bell and Taylor McKimens.

We will have tons of new stuff there by Paper Rad, Brian Chippendale, CF and many many more.

So: signings by Marc Bell, Matthew Thurber, Taylor McKimens and Frank Santoro, and good stuff.

Come see us!

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