Comics Comics 4 Debuts!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just to fill out some of the details of Dan’s announcement and get more people psyched, here’s more info on what you’ll get with the latest issue of Comics Comics, debuting at San Diego this week:

* A cover story and interview with the mysterious Shaky Kane

* A package on legendary Topps man (and not-so-secret comics guru) Woody Gelman, drawing on research from Patrick Rosenkranz and featuring Art Spiegelman

* An editorial on the declining profile of traditional comic books by Sammy Harkham

* Giant comics and illustrations from Dan Zettwoch, Mike Reddy, and Jon Vermilyea

* Brian Chippendale on all the latest superhero comics

* Joe “Jog” McCulloch on Gerald Jablonski

* Aragones-style marginal comics from PShaw!

* An exploration of Kentaro Miura‘s totally bonkers manga Berserk

* A list from an anonymous but highly regarded cartoonist

* Contributions from Eamon Espey and Benjamin Marra

* More!

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11 Responses to “Comics Comics 4 Debuts!”
  1. Frank Santoro says:


    I love doing the blog but these issues are really special, where we all get to really jam and expand the community somehow. And this one is the best yet!

    and I’m gonna expand my Shaky Kane article and interview here on the blog and reproduce a buch of his stuff in color.

  2. Jeffrey Meyer says:

    “A list from an anonymous but highly regarded cartoonist”

    Yeah dude — sounds like a real pussy. Grow a pair, bro.

  3. Frank Santoro says:

    It’s a fun read.

    SHAKY KANE cover!

    Benjamin Marra’s indicia illo is hi-larious!

    Sammy Harkham’s article is GREAT! very timely

    Tim rips it with his review of (Brian Chippendale’s favorite comic) BERSERK!
    and then rips Dave Sim to pieces! oof!!

    Dan unleashes the Woody Gelman flood.

    It’s a greta issue, great for summer evening reading with a beer.

    Ah, the spoils of being at the office while everyone else is in San Diego!

  4. Anonymous says:

    A comment from an anonymous but highly regarded wombat.

  5. Kioskerman says:

    A friend of mine is travelling from Buenos Aires to NY and he will be staying in Manhattan.

    I give him money to bring me lots of Picturebox stuff, but I donĀ“t know where to send him.

    Are the Picturebox stuff avaiable only at your Brooklyn store?

    Can he get them in Manhattan?

    Thanks for the information!

  6. T Hodler says:

    Hey Pablo —

    Dan’s on a plane back from San Diego right now, and he may end up correcting me when he gets back, but Jim Hanley’s Universe has a good selection of PictureBox stuff, and Forbidden Planet might have some too if your friend can’t make it out of Manhattan. I’m not sure, since CC4 just debuted at San Diego and I don’t believe it’s officially shipped yet, but they may have copies of the new Comics Comics.

    But the PictureBox store is worth the trip!

  7. Kioskerman says:

    Thanks a lot Tim! I suspected those two may have some.
    I want that Sammy Harkham article in the CC4. Hopes he gets it.
    Deliverys to Argentina are 20 times de price in cost!
    So it would be just great.
    PD: Hopes he gets to Brooklyn.

  8. Kevin says:

    When is Comics Comics #4 going to be available from the online store?

  9. dylan sparkplug says:

    Holy macaroni! Shakey Kane! You guys completely rule in my book. I’ve been asking myself what happened to him for the past 15 years. Good on ya.

  10. Frank Santoro says:

    hey Dylan

    yeah, man, Shaky is BACK!!!
    He’s on Facebook! hahahahaaa

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