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Friday, November 19, 2010

Coffee and Conversation at DAP

An excuse: Well, it’s been a week of nothing but Brian Chippendale and CF for me. I just put the boys in a cab to JFK and tonight they will be at Floating World Comics in Portland OR, for a party and interview with Matt Fraction. Tomorrow night they’ll be at Family in Los Angeles. Let me say this: Their slide shows are pretty damn great, and not to be missed. It goes on… Just to keep the fun going, here are a couple brand new interviews with Chippendale at Inkstuds and Arthur. Compare and contrast and see if he contradicts or repeats himself. Try it at home!

An item: I direct your attention over to Same Hat, where CC pal Ryan Holmberg is doing some group research on Lone Wolf and Cub writer Koike Kazuo. Apparently he also wrote a Hulk comic book for the Japanese market in the 1970s. I would like to read that.

A recommendation: I love Denys Wortman’s New York. It’s a beautifully produced book of this forgotten cartoonist’s vivid NYC-observed cartoons. The drawings are nuanced and yet amazingly muscular and gritty. I’d never seen the work before and found myself completely absorbed in Wortman’s bygone world. Great drawings and a great historical presentation by James Sturm and Brandon Elston. Kudos to D&Q for supporting such a wonderful project. There is a an exhibition on now at The Museum of the City of New York, which I look forward to checking out asap.

End on a stupid note: A very brief “Dapper Dan’s SuperMovies Column”: Let me just say: The Green Lantern trailer totally blows, except for the monster dude that looks like the Elephant Man. That part is cool. But does everything have to be a wise cracking hunk who grows up and finds responsibility? It’s creepy! And why are ALL sci-fi sets seemingly designed by the same boring people? I want more architectural phalluses and glistening drops of liquid, not boring faux-cities. Well, the boys and I hold out hope for Darren Aronofsky’s Wolverine movie. That should be good.

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19 Responses to “These Guys…”
  1. kevinczap says:

    I’ve been reading Chippendale interviews all week. I heard the panel in New York went well, lots of people there. Would have liked to attend. Do you know if it was recorded in anyway? Or if any of them have been, will be?

  2. David says:

    If I sent Dan Nadel 75 assorted images of a delightful and amazing variety to pass along to CF, would CF then drum up and send me a copy of City Hunter Mag? I need to live.

  3. keith f says:

    i’m bummed i can’t make it to portland.

  4. david says:

    If I included the original price (“$3, I believe”) along with the abovementioned bundle of joy would that get me a copy of City-Hunter Magazine #1or does Christopher Forgues just not have any copies left or does he just really hate selling things?

    Heck, I’d send $10 and 75 assorted images of awesomeness.

    Plz? πŸ™‚

  5. Chippendale’s Inkstuds interview is pretty great. Lots of esoteric comics history.

    • inkstuds says:

      Yeah, he was really open and would probably have gone on for longer, I just felt bad with him in the middle of a park probably getting cold and attacked by pack of wild dogs.

  6. Joe Kuth says:

    I like CF’s new Walter White look.

  7. mr. pants says:

    I like Hector Hammond.

  8. Lastworthy says:

    I’m really curious which Final Fantasies Chippendale played now. It sounds like he refrences the Gold Saucer from FF7, but he mentions a PS2 being involved, and I feel like FF9 is the most similar to his work. hmmmmm.

  9. zack soto says:

    The talk with Matt Fraction was really excellent, and Jason @ Floating World video’d the whole thing, so it should be on youtube sooner than later.

  10. celebrity contact says:

    i saw a lightning bolt show once in an off the beaten path warehouse venue. it was wall to wall standing room only. i was at the front, holding onto brian’s drums for the entire set (3 encores) and held his gross mic thing in his mouth for the final song. i was older than 14 at the time but i felt like that age again.

    so yun, so full of life

    fond feelings towards mr. chippendale and his gross sweaty mouth. nice that he draws too

  11. michael L says:

    I don’t want to hear about how great this is anymore, it bums me out. Why they is so selective wit they cities???

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