C.F. Makes It Big!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our man (er, one of them) in Providence, C.F., has finally made the big time. Here is his interview in Vice. I like this interview for how business-like it is. I never get to talk to him that way, so for me it’s revealing and good.

I also want to present my very own Top Five of 2008:

Top Five Hilariously Dumb-Awesome Comics Frank Pushed On Me This Year:

1) Slash Maraud “It’s a complete set! Paul GuLAAACY!”
2) Kick-Ass “C’mon man, it’s AWEsome!”
3) Random issue of The Shadow “It’s the MARSHALL ROGERS issue, dude!”
4) Robotech (Something unintelligible)
5) Marvel Fanfare #40 (“It’s all Mazzuchelli! It’s his loose, arty style!”)

Bonus number: The Bill Sienkiewicz New Mutants issues!

And that’s my list for the year.

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10 Responses to “C.F. Makes It Big!”
  1. Tom Devlin says:

    Frank is saving comics one 25 cent bin visit at a time.

  2. Frank Santoro says:

    Can you say Trevor Von Eeden?

    Dan’s saving that stuff for
    Art Out of Time 2 Electric Bugaloo

  3. Jason Overby says:

    Sienkiewicz New Mutants are fucking awesome – Warlock, dudes!

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. blaise says:

    yeah i was just reading some new mutants! i like the aesthetic of their outfits a lot.

  6. Ray says:

    Thanks for the C.F. link! I love that dude. Or rather, I love his work.

    Finding Powr Masters late this year was, well, almost a relief, like oh, phew, there it is, i found it. It’s the first thing I wanted to re-read over and over, both for it’s visual rewards and the closed system of logic that he gives his world. You have to take a couple passes to get a feel for it, or at least I did.

    This comic reminds me what I like about comics and art. Give this dude a high five for me, and a lil’ kiss on the cheek.

    Oh, and can we go to the parallel world where the comic adaptation everyone is waiting for next year is Powr Masters?

  7. Dan Nadel says:


    40 years from now Trevor Von Eden will be the subject of a multi-volume retrospective edited by Woody Devlin and published by D&Q. Just like his old pop's job for John Stanley.

  8. Benjamin Marra says:

    Slash Maraud is my one of my all-time favorite Gulacy comics, thereby making it one of my absolute favorite comics ever. There’s nothing “dumb” about it, it’s just “awesome.” I own, like, three copies of the entire series. It’s … amazing.

  9. Frank Santoro says:

    I would have never guessed you liked Gulacy, B.
    Just playin’!! hahaa

  10. Bertram Grosvenor III says:

    Before I knew what “art” was, I had that Bill Sienkiewicz “New Mutants” type poster on my 7th grade wall, the painted one with all the Warlock diode-type circuitry glued on to it, and would look at it and think “art!” That was before I learned that “art” isn’t supposed to be reverential or celebratory. Now I hate “art.” I still like the poster though.

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