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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

From Dan’s press release:

It’s the rock-n-art event of the year! Or at least the month!

Yes, PictureBox, together with Issue Project Room, presents an evening of book/art related entertainment.

Musical sets by:

Gary Panter and Devin Flynn
This is Gary’s first live show since before you were born. You know Cream? It’ll be like that.

Matthew Thurber/Ambergris
Thurber put together a rock combo for this one. You know Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd? It’ll be like that.

And films by Amy Lockhart! Do you know goodness? It will be so.

All happening at 8 pm, April 18th.

Issue Project Room
400 Carroll Street
between Bond and Nevins
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Telephone: 718-330-0313


Come rock with us. (Oh and posters by Gary will be for sale, as well as other goodies!)

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