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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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Um, I’d, ah, really love to review this comic from the golden age of black and white alternative comics, but I, uh, think that this is enough. The pages inside are just painful. Funny, in a retarded comics way but… painful.

Found it today in the quarter bin at a store somewhere in Pennsylvania, driving back from NYC and the Kramers Ergot signing at Desert Island last Saturday. I’m trying to shape up my tour diary into something readable. Kevin Huizenga, Ron RegĂ©, Sammy Harkham, Matthew Thurber, John Pham, and me all eating a late breakfast in a rural diner was a sight. Especially for the outfitted deer hunter a few booths away with one arm. He kept staring at us. Maybe he was a comics fan. Anyways, bear with me. Crazy week.

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