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One More Day


Monday, January 28, 2008

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Today’s your last day to cast or change your vote in the Cage Match poll over in the sidebar, so if you haven’t done it yet, now’s the time. The race is pretty incredibly tight — Persepolis and Heavy Liquid have been running neck and neck all week — but it’s still not impossible for any of the books to win, if enough people organized or something. (I doubt that will happen, but I kind of like imagining that people care enough about this to canvas for votes.) In any case, this is the last chance for those of you who haven’t voted yet to make your voice heard.

Also, in a daring move that you may not have noticed because it was buried in the comments, Frank (CC‘s resident fashion director) has proposed special Cage Match-related headgear. You won’t be able to see us, but during the competition, we’ll all be wearing masks:

We encourage you to locate a Comics Comics t-shirt and a pair of scissors.

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Help Us Help You


Friday, January 18, 2008

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Loyal CC reader Alex H. has requested a second Cage Match feature, and while it may be a week or two before we’re ready for another one, we still need a good topic for discussion. (If you missed the first one, our subject was the current in-progress remake of Omega the Unknown.) So if any of you readers have any suggestions, please let us know by posting them in the comments. Maybe we’ll set up a poll or something after we’ve gotten enough good possibilities. Or maybe we’ll just decide amongst ourselves, if there’s only one or two.

So far, the following have been suggested:

1. Persepolis
2. The kind-of post-Bill Sienkiewicz comics created by people like Dave McKean and David Mack
3. Enigma
4. All Star Superman
5. All Star Batman and Robin
6. Marvel Zombies 2

Some of those seem like they might work, some of them don’t, but it would definitely help for us to have a few more choices (non-superhero comics are more than welcome). Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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