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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

As you may remember, I love letters pages. So, in that great comic book tradition, we plan to institute a “letters to the editor” section in future issues of Comics Comics.

Were you angered by Paper Rad’s attack on art comics in the first issue? Impressed by Dan’s thoughts on the Wally Wood/Ogden Whitney connection? Do you feel compelled to defend Spider-Man from Peter Bagge in issue two? Do you have a bone to pick with one of our reviews, or an interview you’d like to praise? Whatever your thoughts, positive or otherwise, about anything related to Comics Comics, we’d love to hear them.

Thanks! If you submit a letter, please include your name, location, and phone number, and be aware that we may publish it (meaning the letter, not the phone number), either in the magazine or potentially on this site. Letters may be edited for space or clarity.



Mailing address:

Comics Comics Letters
121 Third Street
Ground Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11231

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7 Responses to “Mail Call”
  1. Joe Tallarico says:

    I cant find a copy to even read it in the first place. Quimbys is out!

  2. T Hodler says:

    Hey Joe —

    You can still download a free copy of the first issue right here on this page.

    And you can order print copies of both issues via PayPal, as well. (We’re running out of both pretty quickly, though, so no telling how long supplies will last.)

  3. T Hodler says:

    Hey again, Joe —

    So actually it looks like we took down the link to buy CC#2 via PayPal, so I spoke too soon. I think we must have sold out the print run, but I’ll get back to you if I’m wrong.

    Sorry about that.

    Those of you who bought a copy, hold on to it!

  4. J Bradley Johnson says:

    I hope you’ll post a PDF of #2 if it’s sold out. I ordered a copy in January but it never came… 😐

  5. T Hodler says:

    J. Bradley —

    We’ve just posted a pdf of the second issue. Thanks for asking (and reminding us) to do it.

    Did you order the issue from this site, by the way? Sorry about that, if so. Let me or Dan know if that’s the case, so we can get it sorted out. We might be able to wrangle up a stray issue. Thanks again.

  6. J Bradley Johnson says:

    In the end, I did get my Comics Comics in the mail. Very good, thank you

  7. T Hodler says:

    Oh, great! Sorry it took so long. I don’t know what happened. Thanks for being so patient.

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