Regé’s house


Saturday, January 22, 2011

I’m sitting in Ron Regé Jr’s apartment in Echo Park. Morning time. There is a woman below the window who is clipping, pruning the green around the white flowers. Lots of birds. Sun. I miss the sound of birds outside my window. Just the lonesome raven calls out in the desert of New Mexico.

I’ve been here 3 nights so far and Ron has been kind to host. He lives in a second story apartment in one of those pre-war white adobe corner jobs. There’s four units and it feels quite comfortable if you know and like your neighbors – and Ron does. He said it’s like Three’s Company. The other day people just started stopping by. “This never happens,” Ron said. One after another long lost friends were appearing in the little apartment. Just as one would leave another would drop by. It was like a rolling party. It never stopped for two whole days. The second day was even funnier because a photo shoot was happening next door. So there was a make-up trailer parked outside with loads of pretty girls parading up and down the stairs. Unfortunately, I had slept through most of it – exhausted from the earlier parade.

I rummaged through Ron’s zine collection. I found a few CF zines, a Rozz Toxx manifesto, some Kaz Strepak zines, and Ron’s Cambridge Massachusettes city sponsered teen anti-drinking scratch-off postcard.

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7 Responses to “Regé’s house”
  1. brynocki C says:

    Dude! I have been in Ron’s apartment and I have been to Dem Passwords! Congrats on surviving both locations! Visiting LA in winter makes one question why one would live anywhere else.

    Should you or I or someone mention how incredibly fucking insane the new Rege book is going to be when he finishes it?

  2. It’s a pretty beautiful book so far. He did like 4 pages in the time I’ve been here!

  3. david says:

    this sounds really pleasant

  4. ao says:

    aw man memories

    is kaz still workin on mourning star 3?

  5. Oh yeah, Jordan Crane was hanging out with me and Ron – and we talked about Kaz. Ron said “the old Kaz or the new Kaz?” And Jordan was like, “Kaz Strepak is the new Kaz – just ‘Kaz’ – ‘Underworld Kaz’ has to be called the ‘old Kaz’ now. It’s the changing of the guard…”

  6. Steve E. says:

    Yay! Inside baseball!

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