The Comics Comics Five (and Counting)


Monday, January 8, 2007

As mentioned earlier, new Comics Comics issues should be available through Diamond starting in February, but a few prescient stores have gotten their hands on copies early. If you can’t wait for your fix, go visit them. They are all excellent boutiques, and very deserving of your money and patronage.

(in alphabetical order)

1. Big Brain Comics, in Minneapolis

2. Domy, in Houston

3. Family, in Los Angeles (& don’t miss co-proprietor Sammy Harkham‘s terrific related blog)

4. Jim Hanley’s Universe, in Manhattan

5. Rocketship, in Brooklyn

P.S. It’s possible we’ve missed a few stores, so if you work at a location stocking Comics Comics or if you spot an issue somewhere, drop us a line, and we’ll keep a running honor roll. In the meantime, these are the five greatest stores in North America.

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    floating world comics. portland, or

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