Sunday in Providence RI


Friday, November 12, 2010

Say hey, we’re talking today!

Come see Brian Chippendale and C.F. release their new books into the world at 4 pm on Sunday, Nov. 14 at Ada Books in Providence, R.I. They will be inaugurating their almighty slide show talks in which they will reveal all of their secrets. I will be there nervously standing to the side, wondering what kind of vegan food I’ll be eating for dinner. The tour then rolls on, my friends, as you can see below (and yes, you’re reading that correctly, the boys will be interviewed by Matt Fraction in Portland OR).

PROVIDENCE, RI: ADA BOOKS: NOV. 14, 4 pm. Slideshow and signing

NEW YORK, NY, THE STRAND: NOV. 18, 7 pm. Slideshow and signing

PORTLAND, OR: FLOATING WORLD COMICS: NOV. 19, 6 pm, Signing, slideshow and special live interview by Matt Fraction

LOS ANGELES, CA: FAMILY: NOV. 20, 8:15 pm, Slideshow and signing

TORONTO, ON: THE BEGUILING: DEC. 2, 7 pm, Slideshow and signing

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8 Responses to “Sunday in Providence RI”
  1. mr.pants says:

    No Seattle?!?!

  2. mr.pants says:

    Also, how did you swing Matt Fraction into this?

    • Dan Nadel says:

      No Seattle. Sorry. Come to Portland. As for Matt Fraction: I asked! Well, no, I knew he liked Powr Mastrs and Lightning Bolt, etc., so it seemed like a fun fit and he was kind enough to agree.

  3. brynocki C says:

    Fraction won’t be leaving that store without signing CF on as the next Wolverine in the X-men broadway musical.

  4. GMS says:

    Really looking forward to the Toronto event.

  5. Isaac P. says:

    More sadness for no Seattle stop. If I only had a car…

  6. brynocki C says:

    we’re not going to Seattle till the Nirvana reunion

  7. […] “Powr Mastrs 3″ by CF, which were published by PictureBox in New York. They’ll be meeting with the public in NYC on Nov. 18, then on the West Coast, before Chippendale shows up in Brooklyn on Dec. […]

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