Comics That Never Were #1


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I know that you abandoned Ronny Rocket… If you’re not going [to] make it into a film, perhaps a graphic novel–?

Are you a psychic?!

Wha… you’re doing that?

I’m doing that. It’s in the early, early stages.

To me, comic books are the closest thing to creating a film without actually making the film.

You’re a very sharp guy. That’s exactly what’s happening. It’s almost helpful to the film to realize that in another form and maybe see some things that may help you later.

David Lynch, interviewed by Film Threat nearly seven years ago

The original Ronnie Rocket film script

Of course, Lynch has tried his hand at cartooning, with decidedly mixed results.

Case closed!: Movies aren’t comics, and comics aren’t movies.

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2 Responses to “Comics That Never Were #1”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t tell about the angry dog strips — the type is too darn small to read on the internet.

    Case still open, T!

  2. T Hodler says:

    Click on the strips, and most of them get bigger.

    Case re-closed!

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