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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Motley crew: Dash Shaw, Frank Santoro, Serge Ewenczyk, Kaz Strzepek, and Peter Kuper. Serge is this gang’s publisher in France: éditions çà et là

Cub reporter Frank Santoro here with your Comics Comics 2010 Angouleme report. Okay, not really. I posted a diary of sorts about the festival over on my Cold Heat blog. It would have looked like a FlickrFaceSpace page if I’d have posted it here. It’s just lots of pictures. Thanks.

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4 Responses to “Frank’s Tour Diary”
  1. R. Standfest says:

    Speaking of festivals, anybody notice that they've scheduled MOCCA almost two whole months earlier than usual? What gives? Early April means attendance will be down, as many are still in school, finishing the Winter semester. Do they know their audience?

  2. Anonymous says:

    they probably moved it up because everyone was complaining about the heat last year.

  3. Frank Santoro says:

    You also have to factor in that MoCCA is retarded.

  4. R. Standfest says:

    This was the response I received from MoCCA when I asked why the change had taken place:

    "We changed the date for a variety of reasons, but chief among them was to take advantage of the cooler weather in April and beat the stifling heat that has plagued us for many years. We also wanted to be able to offer the Festival to all of the university students in New York in April, as many have mentioned missing it during the summer."

    In my experience, most festivals, film chief among them, do not shift their schedule by an entire two months because of weather that is usually associated with a season. Let's face it, summer is summer. And the MoCCA fest was a summer festival. Not anymore. Also the thought of catering to people who already have the advantage of being in NYC as opposed to letting those at a greater cultural disadvantage benefit, is strange to me. The aim of any great festival, is to cultivate an audience from as far and wide as possible. I enjoyed the thought of MoCCA Fest as a NYC summer experience worth traveling for. Meh…

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