Tim Talks Towers


Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our own Tim talks In the Shadow of No Towers over at Comics Reporter. It’s a great read.

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4 Responses to “Tim Talks Towers”
  1. Benjamin Marra says:

    It is indeed a great read. I enjoyed that the discussion of the book wasn't total praise but about the book's struggles. I kept wanting to hear what both Spurgeon and Hodler had to say about The 911 Report: A Graphic Adaptation as a work of art. I don't think it was brought up.

  2. Tom Spurgeon says:

    That would be my bad; I didn't even think of it.

  3. Jeet Heer says:

    Yes, a very good interview. I liked the Spiegelman book more than Tim did but I'm glad to see him wrestle with it so thoughtfully.

  4. T. Hodler says:

    Thanks, Ben and Jeet. I actually did read the Ernie Colon 9/11 Report book for the interview, but forgot to bring it up just like Tom.

    I think it was more successful in terms of just expressing information than I had expected (leaving aside entirely the validity of the information they were presenting), but that it was way too superficial and deferential as art. Funnily enough, Spiegelman mocked it himself in his recent TCJ 300 interview, and I agree with most of his criticisms.

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