Frank Takes to the Internet to Talk About Multiforce


Monday, December 21, 2009

Go to the Comics Reporter to learn more.

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14 Responses to “Frank Takes to the Internet to Talk About Multiforce”
  1. D. Weir says:

    Good points Frank, it'd be amazing if Mystery Brinkman would someday publish some new sequential greatness. The musical output of My Bloody Valentine comes to mind. The various 'non-comics' works & projects are completely worthwhile, but I can't wait for the 'next record' to drop.

  2. Steven H says:

    I had overlooked this release, thanks.

  3. Barc Mell says:

    Dan may have used those Paper Rodeo clippings to study but we first cut them up when I convinced him to publish an anonymous "Multi Force" bootleg. We we were going to create a cheapo newspaper version of the stories put together and give it away for free . Dan came to his senses (not me) and had me ask Matt if it was ok (Matt respectfully declined). So here we have this, fully sanctioned, and better for it. The other thing would have been funny and out of line but this is on nicer paper.

  4. Desert Island says:

    Are there scans of old Paper Rodeo issues anywhere online? I've never even seen the first 15 issues. I'm ready to see an official (or bootleg) reprint of the entire damn run. Why is this so impossible?

  5. Barc Mell says:

    You should do it, Gabe and maybe you'll only lose half yer shirt! If it's the lower half, it could be a "belly shirt". You could wear that while selling it.

    I am just kidding. I dunno, it would be something. I would like to see some crazy Ben Jones thing with a lot of the material that has been scattered all over these kind of publications. His own photocopied books and others. C'mon,can't you just see it?

  6. i ache for beauty says:

    2010: gabe steps out, really pulls out the stops


    wizard acorn

    assorted BJ strips

    assorted keith waters

    a couple matt thurber strips

    assorted adds for "armageddon shop" and "highwater books"

    AKA smoke signal, the next generation

    just kidding, but for real

  7. flawed countenance says:

    and what about those fucking cool 8-panel per page BJ strips where time stops on Alfe's alarm clock and then they see a plane flying overhead and go to the store and want to buy some bears or trolls but they already have too many.

    those were awesome, those were going to be in the highwater book, were only tangentially included in the paperrad book, where are those strips?

    i am serious. oh my god.


  8. bertrand russell says:

    it totally sucks that it's not easier to get all this cool shit out there. i guess we just have to wait another 20 years, unless you courageous comic book purveyors find a path, find a way.

    i first read multiforce on the internet, then sent 13 dollars to the PO box and got 13 paper rodeos back, with the misspelled note "thandks for your order sir" in brinkman's handwriting. it was the brightest day of my supple youth.

  9. Barc Mell says:

    I was an old man but I too felt yung as a an old crusty codling when I received some tiny teratoids height era thing from the "Brinks".

    PS: another good (possibly better) term for "belly shirt" is "crop top"
    I'm completely serial(ous) about that.

  10. Desert Island says:

    Yeah, but who has the scans?

  11. polynesian gentile says:

    if yung Danny N has enough paper rodeos to tear up, he probably has enough to send under a lens.

    factually? may-be not.

    I think you have friends who might crawl from under cracks, Gabe, if you just send out the words. Stills, there's the matter of permissions for printing, which can brew stinking and bile, momentarily….

    all in the name of "belly shirts" … NATCH

  12. Dan Nadel says:

    Rest assured all such projects (literally, every single one and a bunch more, except for Marc's clothing ideas) have been discussed, debated, and discarded (for now). It's up to the artists and editors involved, none of whom wish to pursue those things. So, while, yes, all of those stories and comics and etc. exist and are scan-able, it will be a while longer. Hopefully not 20 years, but a while. And no, it's not as easy as you might think (i.e why can't we just scan them and put them online?) as each artist has particular intentions and ideas. So… yeah. There's your answer. But it's nice to hear at least 3 people are interested. Ha ha.

  13. I.M.A. Pelican says:

    I would like to throw in my Ostrakon for a complete "Zissy and Rita", or at least would like to know who that guy was. In fact just speaking this name is going to send me hungrily to the newsprint trolley:

  14. Dan Nadel says:

    That would be Seth Cooper. I agree. I love that work a lot.

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