Irving Tripp R.I.P.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Via Steve Bissette, Tom Spurgeon broke the news of Little Lulu artist Irving Tripp’s passing. This was all the more shocking for many of us selfish historian-types because, as Tom noted, we weren’t aware he was still around all these years. So, Jeet had the idea to reprint the one interview known to exist with Tripp, from Another Rainbow’s Little Lulu Vol. 16 (1985).

Anyhow, now CC pal Seth has graciously supplied these scans of that fascinating interview, posted here with permission. Click to enlarge each scan to reading size. Thanks to all, and thanks to Irving Tripp, a master cartoonist.

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2 Responses to “Irving Tripp R.I.P.”
  1. BVS says:

    I can't believe this guy was still around all these years. he sounds like the ideal teacher for Dash Shaw's comics book house style class experiment.

  2. Tom Devlin says:

    Amazing! He only met Stanley a couple of times!!

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