Sunday, October 25, 2009

Best in Show

Malachi Ward

Zack Soto

Brandon Graham

George Mensah

John Pham

Grant Reynolds


Frank Santoro here. My notes for last week’s APE show. I think this about sums it up. Fun festival. Sure has changed tho’ in 15 years. I’ll say one thing: Comic-Con running it seems like a good thing.

San Francisco, Ca

Dean Haspiel

Last Gasp mixer

Ben Catmull

Tim Goodyear

Dylan Williams

North Beach

Dean Haspiel (told a great story about Howard Chaykin)

Tom Devlin is funny

Unclothed Man book looks good

Mike and Janice at Fantagraphics are good people

Jon V signing

John Pham mini-comics score!

Alvin, Lisa Hanawalt, Eric Haven

Marc Bell in a good mood

Steve Oliff is the secret history of color comics in one person

Personal Stories panel
Dean Haspiel: inject personal drive into work for hire
Dash And Phoebe Gloeckner steal show

Chicken dinner and Bob’s donuts


Marathon crowd noise wake-up call

Jeff Smith and Dash conversation. Jeff’s APE thoughts.
1994 to now. Seemed genuinely excited at how things have changed.

Slow Sunday

Webcomics panel
(monetizing and formating same old shit. like conversations about the internet in the ’90s – all that familiar “it’s gonna be like this…” double talk)

Grant Reynolds

Zack Soto

Ryan Sands

girl with Tintin 24 hour comic (Angie Wang)

Brandon Graham is really good.

George Mensah (Ninja comics)

Keeping it real department: Ron Turner pushing dolly of boxes

El Toro burrito

Joe from Image / Shannon from Stumptown

Jesse Moynihan

Brett Warnock


North Beach hangout w Dash/ City Lights


10 Responses to “APE”
  1. looka says:

    Trouble Makers is out???
    EXCITEMÈNT abounds!

  2. Barc Mell says:

    Frankie, you must work on your late night comics talk show. What will you call it? "Comics Comics Tonight with Frankie Santouro"? An opening monologue and a visit to the "long box". Guest cartoonists/interviews naturally. Thurber as the house band? A rip off of Ruperts Deli segment but at some dingy old comics shop instead? What else?

  3. Inkstuds says:

    here is a better Brandon Graham link

    he is good shit.

  4. Frank Santoro says:

    word up. I changed the link in the main post, thanks.

    I'll do a TV show if we can get Peter Thompson involved.

  5. Barc Mell says:

    yes, Peter could be your "Hank Kingsley".

    Some of us have been plotting on how to make Peter America's next Art Sweetheart.

  6. Inkstuds says:

    Oh no…

  7. Tom Devlin says:

    I support this notion whole-heartedly.

  8. d. morris says:

    Man I hope that Zack and Ben have books coming out. Those lone issues of Monster Parade and Secret Voice need some company.

  9. rusty says:

    ha, shitbeams 2 is on there!

    dave nuss hasn't made a website yet for his company, "revival house". he's got this though:

    i really wanna cheggout "utu". malachi's drawings kick ass

  10. zack soto says:

    heh, if rusty's gonna pimp shitbeams (which is GRREAT), I'm gonna post a link to my etsy store where that mini GHOST ATTACK is available. Good meeting you, Frank, glad you like the mini!

    d.morris- I'm working on more secret voice. thanks for your interest.

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