Full Circle


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dan just somehow hacked into my computer and stole my planned post almost word for word, but that won’t stop me. Those of you who aren’t color blind should hie thee to Same Hat, like, now to see some of the incredible work that inspired Frank to “riff” on Steve Oliff. Color nerds united.

Then wish you were at APE so you could have bought some of these yourself. The picture of Frank that was going around kind of scared me, but now I think the trip would have been worth it.

UPDATE: Also, I feel bad for linking to this for some reason I can’t put my finger on, but I can’t help it: Frank Miller has been leaving appreciative comments on toga-crazed warmonger Victor Davis Hanson’s blog, a sampling of which can be found here. [via] I kind of don’t believe the ones at the end where he repeatedly decries anonymous commenters as cowards, but the others seem genuine.

And whether it’s Miller or not, I agree with him: “Use your real names, or I will call you cowards.”

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4 Responses to “Full Circle”
  1. Dan Nadel says:

    Oh lord where to begin?

    1) I admit that I do have remote access to Tim's computer which enables me to steal his posts before he posts them. Most of my "good" posts were, in fact, his. He's too polite to say so. But Chippendale has remote access to my computer, and, in fact, you heard it here first: Most of his posts are, in fact, mine!

    2) Frank Miller: I think it's great he's conservative. All the great ones had some little bugaboo. Objectivism, gun-love, magic, inability to drive a car, etc. etc. Good for him.

    3) The real question is, how long did Dash and Frank spend talking to Steve Oliff, and is he now a contributing writer to Comics Comics?
    3A) Secondarily to that, can someone please arrange for a complete posting of all 2000 color guides? I will host that web site.

  2. T. Hodler says:

    Oh, sure, of course it's okay if Frank Miller is conservative. He has my "permission." (I'm not sure what Miller's politics are, though, really — he's difficult to pin down.) VDH happens to be a particularly loony specimen, though. But anyway, I wasn't trying to cast any political judgments, I was just amused by Miller's comments.

  3. Frank Santoro says:

    Steve showed me the bluelines for Chaykin's Time2. Like the color originals. He really added so much on his own to the art. Like a helluva lotta detail and backgrounds. Unreal.

    I'm trying to write about the trip, but I'm under the weather… travelin' blues caught up with me.

    Dash bought a couple of the Akira color guides. I'll try and get scans of them for my round-up report…

  4. knut says:

    Trying to be a conservative and an intellectual at the same time = tying a pork chop around your neck to get a dog to play with you.

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