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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hey y’all! Ramblin’ Frank Santoro here with a Comics Comics news report of sorts. Mr. Dash Shaw and I recently traveled to San Franciskie for the Alternative Press Expo. The “Nose Gang” was in full effect. It was a pretty good show for the most part. No complaints, no drama. Some interesting panels; lots of interesting people. I’ll be posting a full report later in the week but just wanted to say hey.

Also, I haven’t seen this linked to so I thought I’d post it here. Mr. Sean T. Collins has conducted an interview with Brian Chippenedale. Pretty great.

P.S. Best portrait of Jon Vermilyea ever.

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5 Responses to “nose gang”
  1. shitpak says:

    i actually faked Sean out, he interviewed my neighbor!

  2. Scott Bukatman says:

    San Franciskie? Did you drove or did you flew?

  3. Sean T. Collins says:


  4. Frank Santoro says:


    Scott wins Most Astute Reader award for the month of October.

    Eugene Levy. Genius.

  5. zack soto says:

    It was good to meet you guys. Thanks for the Cold Heat!

    I had a really fun time at APE and in SF hangin with homies, but the con itself seems old and tired compared to the last time i was there, about 5 years ago… sales on sunday were almost nonexistent.

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