Thursday, October 1, 2009

We were in the back this year. Unusual, but not bad. A flowing artery within the event. The big seller was the Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror. The question on everybody’s lips was, “How did Ben do it?”

Monster Men sold well. That thing sells at shows. New Anya Davidson wowed the kids early. New 1-800-MICE awed them later. New Cold Heat platters moved at an even clip. Dan wasn’t grumpy. All was well.

It was a quiet year in a good way. We didn’t have a big new book out. It was a little different than it’s been in the past. Like maybe we just enjoyed being there instead of feeling the “we need to do well at this show” kind of pressure.

Right at the outset of the show, the con’s lasting image was burned in my brain: Kim Thompson and Gary Groth carrying a wooden palette piled high with empty boxes to the exit door by our table. They weren’t fucking around. No interns, no “assistants.” Now that’s what I call, “Keeping it Real” (Dave Chapelle voice).

Jon Vermilyea had his new silkscreen comic and a bunch of prints for sale. Jon’s like a rock star now. The Simpsons comic has sealed his reputation! (Mr. Burns voice)

And next to Jon V was John P! The man himself, John Porcellino. I have actually never met my Midwestern pen-pal of 16 years. So I hugged him. Always a charge to meet one’s heroes.

Meanwhile, Dan Zettwoch and Kevin Huizenga laffed at me while I set up one of my back issue boxes. I thought I’d make a killing off my stash of old Zettwoch zines. But he had reprinted the ones I was selling! Foiled! Still, I sold an original mini-comic edition of Glorianna (Super-Monster #14). According to Bill Boichel, it’s the “greatest mini-comic of all time.” I think Kevin sold like a thousand of those things a few years back.

Does Mr. Oliveros really know how hard Jessica and Allison work during this con? They move a lot of books. It’s like a science. A warship. They sail in and take no prisoners.

Back at the stealth submarine that is PictureBox, I was pleasantly surprised to see my “back issues” were being perused by the usual disaffected con attendee. “I have this” was the oft repeated exclamation. Sold a bunch of Brendan McCarthy and Kevin Nowlan. Still surprised how many folks ain’t hep to Mazzucchelli’s “Angel story” in Marvel Fanfare. Seeds of Rubber Blanket.

Rolling deep this year, the Jog/Mautner/Tucker posse scattered the crowd as their trained Terminator-critic eyes scoured the tables. Look out Loretta! These guys were causing trouble everywhere they went. I saw most of the now infamous critics’ panel where Tucker walked out to use the bathroom. Instant classic.

Sean Collins’ “New Action” panel was a lot of fun. An insightful and enjoyable panel. And I thought the audience was into it. I hope I didn’t repeat myself too much. I think it went really well, tho. Check it out here.

Then I was starving. Ah, good ol’ Tasty Diner. Milkshakes and veggie burgers. And Kevin talking about Little Lulu. Instant classic.

[More soon. Just wanted to get something up during the work week.]


7 Responses to “SPXreport2”
  1. samuel rules says:

    It was awesome to see you at SPX again, thanks for keeping on topic during panels and not arriving with an agenda, but with knowledge and honesty.

  2. shitpak says:

    last years SPX made me want to urinate on everyone in the room and slit my wrists while hanging upside from the ceiling…. but somehow, this year, i miss it…Frank and his agenda of knowledge and honesty.

  3. shitpak says:

    upside down, not just upside……

  4. wrees says:

    hey frank…thanks for that issue of comics comics…your essay on ronin was choice…i like reviews that include rumors and innuendo…i’m gonna look at ronin again soon…see if it makes better sense this time around…cage match, perhaps?…billy.

  5. knut says:

    Wait a sec, are there people out there who don't think that Ronin is awesome?

  6. Rob Clough says:


    good to see you, if only too briefly. Hopefully I'll get to have a conversation that lasts longer than a few seconds with you next year!

    did you ever read those issues of Power Man/Iron Fist that Trevor von Eeden drew back in the 70s?

  7. Frank Santoro says:

    hi everyone.

    thanks thanks.

    And Rob, I don't have those early Von Eeden's. Never seen 'em in the cheap boxes.

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