Back from Brazil


Thursday, September 17, 2009

This cover is a special delivery to my Fanta Friends:

The first story would interest the new Marvel Friends:

I got this at a comic shop called H Q Mix in Sao Paulo. It’s open 24 hours (!) on a block of mostly theaters and actor’s bars. There is a famous whore house around the corner.

Andre Conte is the editor of the Companhia das Letras comic division. I spent most of my trip hanging out with him and Juliana Vettore, a publicist at Companhia, and David Grann, since his The Lost City of Z book was published in Portuguese by Companhia. Grann’s latest New Yorker piece, “Trial by Fire”, came out right before we left NY for Rio.

Andre and I had a lot to talk about since we’re about the same age so we read all of the same comics growing up. It’s nice that Joe Madureira and Wildstorm are at least conversation possibilities. Here’s Andre:

I’m pretty sure that the store owner (above corner) edited this anthology, Capa. He didn’t speak any English and I don’t speak any Portuguese, but I think that’s what he was communicating to me.

Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon came with us to the store since we went right after a joint discussion/signing at a mall bookstore.

More Brazil stuff later.


6 Responses to “Back from Brazil”
  1. Frank Santoro says:


  2. hall hassi says:

    i have those same colored brushes!

  3. Alex Holden says:

    That "Trial By Fire" article was pretty interesting.
    Check it out y'all…..

  4. ericoassis says:

    Mr. Shaw,

    I am the Brazilian translator of BOTTOMLESS BELLY BUTTON. Since I had the honor to translate it, I'd be happy to help you with any portuguese-english translations you might need, at least comics-wise.

    And I'm very sorry I could not go to Rio to talk to you. But I hope André got me that autograph I threatened him for.


  5. Dash Shaw says:

    Wow- thanks, Erico!

  6. Victor Bianchin says:

    Hey Dash! I was at the signing you did in São Paulo. It was really nice seeing you and the twins. I'm halfway through your book right now and I'm really enjoying it.

    Hope you get the chance to come back soon.

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