Tonight in Brooklyn: Thurber!


Friday, September 11, 2009

1-800-MICE #3

Tonight! Friday! Sep. 11! At Desert Island!

540 Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg
(L train to Metropolitan and one block uphill)
(718) 388-5087

from 7 to 9 PM
Featuring a special costumed karaoke performance by Ambergris “en regalia”

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9 Responses to “Tonight in Brooklyn: Thurber!”
  1. knut says:

    I vow to never forget the date 1-800-MICE was released.

  2. a little ghost says:

    I've tried calling but there aren't enough numbers.

  3. OOFTAH!!! says:

    Been there, Done that.

    the 'gris ruled the coop,
    truly, aye.
    there's no denials afoot.
    or at least—not loud ones.
    anyone who didn't smile is a lousy bastard, foul.
    mister dan N made an appearance,
    i shook his hand and we gave birth
    to an "actual comic book (new way of life)"
    but it turns out it was just matthew,
    scrubbing around, dishing out the vibes.

    P.S. that jukebox is nice, but matthew really needs some cans, beating behind him, summoning the beast. he does what he can. he does it well. applause, cracking of bagged pistachios.

  4. EDITOR says:

    Was not there there, Was not done that.

    The Dorito Chip Bag Gang ruled the coop, no doubt.
    Truly, aye. Aye was the aye for one. For two was fine. Nobody cared, they were having fun.
    There's no denials afoot.
    or at least—not loudie loudie ones.
    Anyone who didn't smile is a lousy bastard, foul. Foul Beasties took charge. We shut them down.
    Also: Mister Liberte Organic Yogurt made an appearance,
    i shook his purse and we gave S. PELLEGRINO
    to an "actual" dish rag society (new way of looking at things)
    but it turns out it was just Doestoyevski,
    n=mousing around, dishing out the pretzels.

    P.S. that jukebox is linguini, but matthew really needs some corporation, beating behind him, summoning the beast, spreading around the docturnation at night whilst the peeps sleeping, turning the people into 1/1800 of 1800 mice he does what he can. That's a good boy! he does it well. people love this. why wouldn't they? I implore you! Fickle ones! Applause! Cracking of bagged pistachios! All is well in the HAUS.

  5. LONE TIGER says:

    thwarted and purged, aye,aye,aye
    some of matt's companions were absent,
    the bald and broiled ones.
    they couldn't help it though,
    they grin internally
    and eternally.
    you rope trestles,
    they serve the fries.
    they're all pals.
    chums, alike

  6. TOM CHIEF says:

    i thought the show was positively smashing

  7. (the) dapper chap(s) says:

    i couldn't care less, frankly…

    …we're just fine, we're strong and durable.
    who needs that rogue??
    that rogue and his bastard four-track.
    let him sit back.
    let him sit back, and make tapes.

  8. GROOMFIEND says:


    why don't we open up the channels for discussion? I'm parched, grossed out, and still have a big delivery to make. can anyone help me???

    only by buying the newest issue, sure.
    but times are tough, i know, all too well…
    at least i have friends.
    we can eat together,
    cry together,
    make merry.

  9. TOM CHIEF says:

    and so we did, lad.
    last night was a true blast.
    i can hardly feel my testicles.
    but my arms,
    my sleeves, are strong as aged oak.

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