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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I’m busy, people, what can I say? Luckily, Frank and Dash and Jeet are doing an awesome job and my presence is entirely superfluous. Anyway, this time I couldn’t even come up with three things to link to. All the same:

1. You all know the great blog Same Hat, right? If for some reason you don’t, go there now to see a massive post with lots of photos and video from Yuichi Yokoyama’s recent live painting demonstration in San Francisco. Then “bookmark” it. (Or whatever you’re supposed to say these days.)

2. Matthew Thurber made the drawings you see above and the right sidebar. He is a very funny and talented guy. He recently sat down for a panel discussion as part of the CBLDF’s Conversational Comics series at Brooklyn’s Union Pool (with Jessica Abel and Jason Little). You can listen to the audio from that panel here.

(The audio for Dash’s panel from last weekend will probably be up shortly, so stay tuned.)

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4 Responses to “La-Z-Blog with a Vengeance”
  1. Frank Santoro says:

    Wowzers. Yokoyama may be one of the greatest "showman" working today.

  2. ryan says:

    Thanks for the link- glad to share the video/photos. Yokoyama was generous but evasive when I met him.

    After seeing him paint, I had to plop down at home and re-read NEW ENGINEERING cover to cover.

    <3 from samehat to comicscomics

  3. Frank Santoro says:

    He's like that with everyone, dude, don't sweat it. I'm sure he appreciates the attention.

  4. gabe fowler says:

    Thurber’s band Ambergris is playing tomorrow at 177 Livingston in downtown Brooklyn. The show is called “Impossible Geometries.” info here: Come out!

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