Frank’s Back Issue Sale


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Can’t make it to a convention where I’ve got my “curated” longbox of back issues for sale? Never fear, true believer, I’ve got you covered. Hop on over to the blog where I’m currently selling some great warehouse finds. Check out what I scored the other day: Jim Starlin’s trainwreck masterpiece, The Price. I’ve also got some great Brendan McCarthy, Matt Wagner and Marshall Rogers stuff up right now. Stop on by just to read my hype up stickers! They’ll make you laff, I promise! You think I’m retarded? I say thee nay!

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3 Responses to “Frank’s Back Issue Sale”
  1. looka says:

    That's way good!
    It's really cool you're selling these on-the-line!
    I'm afraid they will all be gone for good until I'm at the old PP button.

    Hey, just for interest: Have you some old Gary Erskine, or Peter Snejbjerg? I liked the dung out of his stuff, although I've seen him go for B/W mostly.

  2. Frank Santoro says:

    you got a soda on your roof.

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