New CF and Brian Chippendale Books: SUBSCRIBE!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hi there,
PictureBox has two amazing graphic novels scheduled for November 2009 and February 2010. They are fantastic, vital works of art and we need your help to release them.

Powr Mastrs 3 (104 pages, 5.75″ x 7.75″) continues CF’s visionary narrative about the complex relationships between mysterious beings in a place called New China.

If ‘n Oof is Brian Chippendale’s 650 page, 5″ x 7″ magnum opus, a sprawling, hilarious tale of two pals wandering through a desolate, hostile landscape.

Sure to be among the best graphic novels of our time, they need your support. Like a lot of publishers, PictureBox is looking for new ways to navigate the current terrain. To that end, we’re attempting to raise the money for these books ahead of time.

So we are looking to you, as a community of readers, to help make these books a reality. Everyone that orders advance copies of these books (up until August 1) will receive the book itself and a signed silkscreen print. Everyone that orders in advance by June 20, 2009 will have their names listed (hand-lettered in the book and their level of support (see below). We need about 400 of you per book to step up and help make this a reality. Let’s come together as a community.

Preview If ‘n Oof by downloading this PDF.

Preview Powr Mastrs 3 by downloading this PDF.

There are four ordering options:

Level 1

Buy one of the books. Everyone that buys one of the following receives a silkscreen print and their name will be in the book.

A) Powr Mastrs 3: $18 plus an original, signed silkscreen print by CF.

B) If ‘n Oof: $29.95 plus an original, signed silkscreen print,

Level 2: $45:

Buy both books and receive both prints as well as a discount off the retail price and your name in the books.

Level 3: $80

Buy both books and you will receive both prints PLUS an original 5″ x 7″ one-color drawing by the artist of your choice (CF or Brian Chippendale) and your name in the books.

Level 4: $150

At this level you will receive a full color, 5″ x 7″ drawing by CF or Brian Chippendale. PLUS both books and the two prints and your name in the books.

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11 Responses to “New CF and Brian Chippendale Books: SUBSCRIBE!”
  1. Robert Boyd says:

    If one joins at the $150 level, how soon would one get the Chppendale drawing? Given the long wait for the two books, soon would make the offer more attractive.

  2. Dan Nadel says:

    It’s all in the product listings. It’s November for both artists’ drawings.

  3. villainer says:

    wow, I was actually just thinking the other day it’s been awhile since there was some kind of Chippendale release. and then boom, 600+ pages. I’m amazed.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What happens if the 400 mark isn’t reached and the books aren’t published? Do we get a refund? Can we still get the prints/drawings (maybe after only a partial refund)?

  5. Brian says:

    Something about the way that this is brought up makes me worry about whether plans to publish the Cold Heat collection are still on track for the fall. (As someone who subscribed to that comic to support it and is interested in doing the same for this.)

    (Also it seemed like Frank expressed a little bit of doubt in that recent Tucker Stone interview.)

  6. Dan Nadel says:

    Well, we anticipate it not being a problem, so yes, if I’m struck by lightning and the books aren’t publishing, everyone gets a refund. Just like anything else. Cold Heat we’re still working on.

  7. looka says:

    Guys, now that’s what I call good thing going! Fantastic idea indeed. On all levels. I love that kind of book making.

    It bugs me even more now that I can’t partake and buy two a that level four set, like I would normally. Just the same as I couldn’t do so in ‘ol grumpy Mr. Santoros (leave yer guns where they are, I’m joking!) Cold Heat deal with the drawings. But seeing such possibilites come up from you, I guess it’s just a matter of time until the next special offer.

    You needn’t have told me these books are great by the way…

    Allas, I’m just writing to make known I was here and reading this. That don’t sell you nothing, I know. But if not by the fresh green you have my positive mental wave support for such a cool take on publishing!

  8. Anonymous says:

    For the length and the price of the Chippendale book, I think you really ought to consider putting up a longer preview that contains at least a full sequence or sequences of pages.

  9. Brian says:

    I don’t agree with that, although I am confused by the nature of the PDF layout, considering the stated dimensions of the book. (Like, the things I view as pages in the preview don’t seem like they would go inside the book in that form.)

  10. villainer says:

    overall though, does anyone else here think that C.F’s Powr Mastrs format is a happy marriage between graphic novel and comic book? I mean, on one hand it’s not like you’re not hearing from him once every three years and on the other hand it’s easier to shelve due to it costing more than a comic book. And there’s more to read in general. I donno, I feel like a book (even if its 104 pages or that ballpark) a year is more than solid and it still allows for the type of growth the comic book did, and commercially it’s hard to forget about someone when they have a book every year. Maybe I’m just off base, but I feel like seeing work from some artists takes forever, and it’s not their fault since they’re doing some kind of massive graphic novel. but imagine if you’re like Dash Shaw and you just finished an epic 600 page Bottomless Belly Button, except you’re like most cartoonists and dont have the webcomic avenue–and hypothetically you’re going straight to working on/publishing Body World. As a reader I feel like that much time goes by between 300 page graphic novels and I forgot about BBB or something. I mean, there are anthologies, MOME, etc. but I donno. Maybe I’m crazy but overall, Powr Masters to me is a different format and one that I think is just more feasible in general.

  11. Dylan says:

    are the signed silkscreens different from the ones on sale at the picturebox site?

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