Saturday, May 2, 2009

Patrick Smith, old pal and co-founder of The Ganzfeld, has just released his long gestating new game/animation/world Windosill. It’s a gorgeous thing to lose yourself in. Patrick designed and drew the covers and endpapers for The Ganzfeld 5, and of course drew a comic that still, to my mind, is pretty far ahead of its time, in the very first Ganzfeld. Anyhow, he’s just a wonderful artist so go check out Windowsill.

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5 Responses to “Windosill”
  1. Robert Goodin says:

    It’s a great little game.

  2. A cricket says:

    Chirp… chirp…

  3. zee says:

    This must be the gentleman who made the Ganzfeld site flash animation!! Best website art ever imo!! Thank you for the heads up. Awesome.

  4. Dan Nadel says:

    Yes, the very same mysterious P. Smith.

  5. Mark P Hensel says:

    I just played through feedthehead so now I’m gonna take a crack at Windosill. Very weird, thoughtful interactions!

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