The Milt Gross Files


Saturday, April 11, 2009

I’m very pleased to announce that Mark Newgarden and I are pretty deep into a long-term Milt Gross biography/art book. We have spoken to hitherto undiscovered sources, found incredible artwork, and are finally beginning to understand the scope of Gross’s epic career in comics, film, prose, animation, fine art, and even television. We don’t have a release date for the book yet, but assure you that we will spend summer ’09 sweating it out over our keyboards. Anyhow, should any of you out there have rare Gross photos or ephemera, please contact me: dan (at) pictureboxinc (dot) com.


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One Response to “The Milt Gross Files”
  1. PShaw says:

    This is very good news!

    Gross is a talent GIANT, a Grade A humorist.

    He got me to go back to inking with a fountain pen again after I found an original copy of his comics archetype “He Done Her Wrong”.

    I channel his inspiration badly when making my own movie review spoofs:

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