And They Shall Vanquish All!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Lo! It has come to pass. We are pleased to announce the winners of our fierce Comics Comics Thor Know Prize Contest. As you will remember, the job was to re-color this pathetic little jpeg. The Comics Comics faithful poured forth with a fervency rarely seen on these servers. We present you with the ten best of the best, in no particular order (because that would be an epic task unworthy of Asgardians). After some dithering, we declare Jim Rugg the winner, and recipient of his very own Thor comic of dubious vintage!

Jim Rugg

Jonathon Rosen

R.M. Rhodes

Noel Freibert

Marcus Parcus

Andrei Dignart

Mike Reddy

Caroline Bren

Tom Shaw

Moses T. Krikey

Thank you to all who submitted!

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  2. cf says:

    freibert wins the unofficial vote again

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