A Tour of George Herriman’s New Orleans


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Michael Tisserand is writing the type of book I’ve long dreamed of reading: a full-fledged, deeply researched biography of George Herriman, based on many hours spent in the archives and a thorough search for every¬†factual nugget that can be found about the creator of Krazy Kat. Now, thanks to the New Orleans Times-Picayne, we can get a glimpse of what Michael has in store for us and also see the few remaining buildings in survive in Herriman’s city from the time of his childhood that he would be able to recognize today. If you click here, you’ll find a three minute video where Michael gives a tour of George Herriman’s New Orleans.

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4 Responses to “A Tour of George Herriman’s New Orleans”
  1. mateo says:

    Hey Jeet.

    Cool video. I live less than a block and a half from the block they showed as Herriman’s childhood home, which I had no idea was in the area at all. And, immediately following the storm, i lived in the French Quarter, about two blocks from the Bryant gallery they showed as the site of the family business.

    Krazy Kat is one of the few newspaper strips and archival projects that i buy, and i had no idea that Herrriman was even from New Orleans. that was a real cool post. Additionally, all the kids in my neighborhood go to McDonagh 35, and that is where my son will in all likelihood attend, once he gets old enough.


  2. patrick ford says:

    This is very exciting.
    What ever happened to Bill Blackbeards bio of Herriman?
    The mention of video reminds me; will the next volume of Walt and Skeezix contain a dvd?
    KIng’s home movies are mentioned in the introduction of the most recent volume.
    I notice as well the quality of reproduction varies quite a bit in the new W&S book. It’s better for the most part than what was in the earlier volumes. Are there proofs that were found?

  3. Jeet Heer says:

    @ Mateo. I’m glad you enjoyed the video
    @Patrick Ford. We’re using tear sheets for the W&S books, but some are better than others, so it looks like we’ve hit a good patch with the recent volume. We’re working on the new W&S book and do plan to have a dvd that will include King’s home movies from the 1920s, which will be a real treat. I have no idea what happened to Blackbeard’s Herriman biography. I suspect it got sidetracked by the many other projects Blackbeard has been working on.

  4. patrick ford says:

    Thanks Jeet.
    I want to mention how interesting some of the biographical information you and Chris have uncovered is.
    The knowledge that King’s wife was in favor of sending their own son away to a boarding school at a young age really is thought provoking.
    I would kind of assume the introductions will eventually result in a full fledged biography of King. To this point I enjoy how you present the facts as you know them, and pretty much let them speak for themselves.
    I’d contrast this approach to the Michaelis book on Schulz which did some very interesting things contrasting the art and life of Schulz, but in the end got kind of carried away with an imposed story line.
    There is often a temptation to mold facts to fit a “story” and I think you do a good job of walking the line.

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