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Friday, December 19, 2008

I know everyone’s excited about Punisher: War Zone Watchmen, but this is the comic I’d really like to see adapted into a movie. (Click to enlarge.)

Actually, it would present even greater adaptation problems than Watchmen does, but no need to get into that now. (And yes, I’m aware of The Jazz Singer. Why do you ask?)

(The above cartoon nicked from O. Soglow‘s excellent out-of-print collection Pretty Pictures, by the way.)

Also, a few links:

1. A David Heatley interview, for Frank’s reading pleasure.

2. Charles Hatfield has written the most in-depth review of The Goddess of War I’ve seen to date.

3. Probably 90% of Comics Comics readers have already heard this, but Sammy Harkham (perhaps best known as a CC cover artist) gave a predictably great interview to Inkstuds.

4. Not many of you will find it as train-wreck entertaining as I do, but I can’t keep myself from linking to The Comics Journal‘s go-to superhero guy Tom Crippen, and his hilariously prolonged quest [more (!) here, here, and here] to get other people to read and explicate an essay by the legendary Donald Phelps for him. (I won’t speculate on why Crippen can’t read it himself.) No real point here. I just want to feed the beast so it keeps running, though a wiser man than I has advised me against it. In any case, the whole saga captures the recent flavor of the Journal quite nicely.

[UPDATE: No one has said anything to me about it, but upon reflection I think that posting #4 was a little juvenile. In my defense, I value Phelps’s writing a lot, and I didn’t like the way Crippen and his blogmate Noah Berlatsky were treating such an accomplished guy with so little of the respect he’s earned. I mean, it’s not like they didn’t deserve being slammed. But still. Bill Randall and Jon Hastings both displayed a lot more maturity and reasonableness in their responses. Anyway: lesson learned, and new leaf turned. Merry Christmas, everybody!]

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11 Responses to “Dept. of Psychiatry”
  1. Austin Kleon says:

    love Otto. somebody needs to do a reprint. just another reason the Complete New Yorker is so awesome: all the early Little King strips

  2. Frank Santoro says:

    sorry one more:

    I followed one of the links and there’s a site called GraphicNovelReporter?

    Is that legal?
    We better buy

  3. Dash Shaw says:

    Good Heatley interview.

  4. Inkstuds says:

    I was interviewed today by a local paper, in reference to the role of women in movies based on comics. and the first question i was asked, whats the difference between a comic and a graphic novel. I dont think that the poor guy was expecting my opinions to be so vocal.

    Its like asking the difference between a book and a paperback.

  5. looka says:

    Oh yep, that would be great!
    Hmmm, Lars von Trier could do it…
    a film I mean.

  6. BVS says:

    from the Heatly Interview.
    “I was born white in this country; therefore I am racist.”
    wow, Heatly. what a bold and brave statement. who would have expected that from a white shame drenched attention seeking east coast butt plug aficionado like him.

  7. LOST CAT says:

    Heatley is a nightmare.

  8. ULAND says:

    Heatley went to Oberlin. Nuff said.

  9. ULAND says:

    “Most surprising has been the reaction from the comics “community,” which has been somewhat hostile. I find myself growing away from the scene that spawned me. I’m interested in clarity and connecting with an audience and being part of a larger cultural dialogue. These days I’m learning more from people like Matt Groening or writers like Tina Fey than artists who are wounded and create in a willfully obscure way.”

    Nigga please!

  10. Tom Crippen says:

    “I didn’t like the way Crippen and his blogmate Noah Berlatsky were treating such an accomplished guy with so little of the respect he’s earned. I mean, it’s not like they didn’t deserve being slammed.”

    Don’t worry, I feel unslammed. And I did read Mr. Phelps’s essay. I just didn’t get it and wanted some input.

    Also, of course, it’s good to have something to post about.

  11. Noah Berlatsky says:

    I certainly didn’t feel slammed. I thought your post was funny.

    And, hey! *I* went to Oberlin!

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