You Know You Need A Better Image Consultant…


Thursday, December 4, 2008

… when a guy who’s known as the “Comics Reporter”* calls you a nerd. (Not that I really have an image consultant.) I mean, it’s obvious even to me that I don’t remind anybody of Justin Long. And Frank’s got such soulful green blue eyes. (I’m color-blind, by the way, and don’t really know what color Frank’s eyes are. That’s why you’ll never see me complain about a comic book’s coloring. And also maybe why I don’t get Mark Rothko.)

Strangely, I feel as if a great burden has suddenly been lifted from my shoulders.

*(Just kidding, Tom.)

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2 Responses to “You Know You Need A Better Image Consultant…”
  1. Frank Santoro says:

    I’ve got Blue eyes.

    Don’t sweat, we’ll get Spurge back, haha

  2. ULAND says:

    I think you’re all nerds!

    I just posted and interview with friend of Picturebox John Broadley, fyi.
    YOu’ve been outnerded.

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