Giving Thor Some Competition


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Well, my favorite comics critic (ahem, present company excepted), Brian Chippendale, is currently on the road in his other role as Lightning Bolt hammer god. While on the road he’s frantically approving proofs for If ‘n Oof, which, yes, sir, is at press! All 800 pages of it, all flexi-bound with spot varnish and funky endpapers and oh so much more. Sir Dustin Harbin was even kind enough to receive a FedEx of proofs for Chipps and deliver it right to his sweaty hands! Phew. Anyhow, here’s a killer video of Brian in action, the night before he approve the final files for the cover. Note the July 4th fireworks.

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  1. gabe fowler says:

    Hell yes! Have you locked down a release date? Will it precede Powr Mastrs 3?

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