Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hey there, True Believers, it’s that time again! Time for Brian Chippendale’s Marvelous Coma blog to drop the hammer on all your wednesday comic book shoppe fantasies! Brian has served up yet another installment of his home cooking, and holy shit, it’s hot!. Check it out!


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  1. brynocki C says:

    Thanks a ton for the shout out Frank! The slowest comic review blog on the internet sloths forward.

    I am going to take your generosity and run with it by posting an announcement,

    My band Lightning Bolt is embarking on a 28 city tour on tuesday, the dates are here…

    If there are any comic geek/noise rocker crossovers you should come on out!

  2. You guys are playing a show every single day for a month! Holy crap! See you in the pit of Pittsburgh!

    FYI since this link post is about a cartoonist writing about comics, here is another one: Pittsburgh’s own Ed Piskor on single panel pacing in comics
    Check it out!

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