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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The esteemed Richard Gehr has some nice words about two Comics Comics faves: Ogden Whitney and (shameless plug here) Rory Hayes on the Village Voice site. This is apparently going to be a weekly column, which is good news for us. A few little updates: PictureBox is going to publish a collection of Ogden Whitney’s romance and sci-fi comics in late 2009 or early 2010. Co-edited by Frank Santoro, Bill Boichel and little ol’ me. We are scouring the earth for any and all Whitney material. We aim to solve a few mysteries with this one and should get down to work on it as soon as Mr. Santoro stops blogging for a minute and finishes Cold Heat! Ha! Just kidding. Sort of. No, but seriously, Frank is very close to finishing and we will send the book to the printer in December in order to have the books in stores everywhere in April.

ALSO: I have heard a rumor from an original art dealer that Ogden Whitney had a son. This is news to me, as none of the info I’ve turned up indicates he had any children. If you have any info about this, please email me at dan [at]

Ok, PSA concluded. Back to normal programming.

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4 Responses to “Art Out of Time Dept.”
  1. ryan says:

    Congratulations Dan & crew!– I'm definitely looking forward to digging into this collection once you get it out the door next year…

  2. Dan Morris says:

    Great news about Cold Heat. I can’t wait for that book to come out and the Ogden Whitney book too

  3. Marc Arsenault says:

    Milk and cookies keep you up late, Dan?

  4. Steven Rowe says:

    I dunno about the son either, but whitney definitely had a brother and sister.

    steven rowe

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