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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bob Zoell Rules

A couple things to bring to your attention:

1) Sir Gary Panter, recently knighted by the United Schwingdom, has relaunched his web site, and his holding a special contest to celebrate. He is also having a show in L.A. with Bob “50 years of genius work” Zoell and Devin “Lady Pants” Flynn.

2) Over on his “personal” blog, Frank revals that after some 150 years in the comics biz, he’s finally sold out. Thanks heavens. Now come stand over here, Frank.

3) Yuichi Yokoyama recently had an exhibition of new and recent work in Tokyo. Some tantalizing images here.

That’s it. Now go about your morning.

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5 Responses to “E-Z Post of the Moment”
  1. Matt says:

    holy cow, thanks for the heads up about the yokoyama show. i’m heading to japan in a few days and will definitely be trying to find the gallery.

  2. the man says:

    frank, what did marvel pay you for? I need some specifics

  3. Silver Surfer story for Strange Tales. It’s not funny – just a straight ahead Surfer riff

  4. vollsticks says:

    Frank, as we say in the U.K: “G’WAN, MY SON!!!”….now I know what that beautiful purple Silver Surfer drawing is for…can’t wait to read it. Go on my son!

  5. Thanks! I hear Joe Strummer’s voice sayin it.

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