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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jaime Hernandez, Johnny Ryan, Sammy Harkham: Three men who know some shit about comics.

Barbara "Willy" Mendes, Sharon Rudahl and John Thompson bask in the adulation.

By now the legend of the Art in Time L.A. event at Cinefamily has probably not reached you. Basically, thanks to Cinefamily and Sammy Harkham, I gathered a pantheon of great cartoonists under one roof for an early evening gab fest and book signing. Johnny Ryan interviewed Lawrence (Real Deal) Hubbard; I interviewed John Thompson, Sharon Rudahl and Barbara “Willy” Mendes, and Jaime Hernandez screened the fabulous A Letter to Three Wives, after which Sammy briefly interviewed him. Books were signed, beer was consumed, and after all that I ate an enormous corned beef sandwich at Cantor’s. But! It was not without its moments, best of which was a fairly intense exchange between Hubbard and Mendes. Anyhow, lucky for you, dear readers, I recorded the whole thing the first two panels in a single take. There’s a brief dead zone between the Hubbard/Ryan panel and the Art in Time panel, but let it roll. It’s worth it. The recording picks up with Johnny introducing Lawrence. Enjoy.


Johnny Ryan interviews Lawrence "Real Deal" Hubbard.

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  1. Cheese says:

    I remember being at the San Diego secret beach party in ’96 drunkenly yelling out something along the lines of, “Fuck Berlin, The Real Deal is the best comic made in America today,” only to be told Jason Lutes was right behind me. 14 years later I stand by that statement.

  2. […] http://comicscomicsmag.com/2010/06/l-a-rumble.html that one is a podcast of a long interview with the guy and johnny ryan. i was there, one of the voices laughing hysterically […]

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