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Thursday, August 7, 2008

I bought this off of the cartoonist, er sorry, the painter Steve Rude last year at San Diego. I wish he would do a whole comic in this thumbnail style. The page is just 8.5 x 11—look at the confidence in those lines!

(This one’s for Kevin)


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  1. Jeffrey Meyer says:

    Seriously, I wish he’d loosen up too. I love all of his finished work, but there were a couple issues of Nexus (#42? #43?) which – and I didn’t know this until later – were apparently drawn in the space of maybe two or three days, and they were amazing, some of his sparest work, really nice.

  2. Anonymous says:

    not painter, or cartoonist but
    “comic magazine artist and illustrator”

  3. Chris Pitzer says:

    I’ve told Dean Haspiel that he should do a comic in his thumbnail format as well. Lots and lots of energy there.

  4. Chris Brown says:

    I saw his painting demo at this year’s NY Comicon. Thing is, while it was really informative to watch him work, and he’s really a great teacher, I’ve never liked his painting, including the one he did that day. But I love his drawings.

    Kind of feel the same way about the hated Alex Ross, too. I got bored of his painted work after seeing just a bit of it, but when I see his sketches and pencil drawings and doodles and whatnot, I’m like, WOW!

  5. Jeff B says:

    Where does all the cartoonists drawing whole books in 2 to 3 days come from?
    I’m guessing Rude drew those issues in a month instead of a 1 1/2 months to 2 months.
    I think the two issues where he got sparse are over-rated.
    I love Rude, but the painted Nexus story was horrible.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Rude doesn’t know how to make the paint look interesting on the canvas. His fills are classic illustration circa 1933. There is art in his lines but not in the application of paint. He’s only concerned with how his paintings look in reproduction. That is the difference between painters and illustrators who paint, basically.

  7. WEISSMAN™ says:

    “Interrupting Crime!” Right on, Frank Santoro!

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