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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not in Art in Time: L.B. Cole. He was awesome. And! John Stanley's editor in the 1960s.

Kill your morning by listening to an interview over at Inkstuds. Listen to me rant on about Art in Time and other matters of the heart. Robin is always a fine host.

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12 Responses to “Like a Stud”
  1. Nice yawn at the 35 minute mark, Nadel. Haha and then Robin shrieks like a fanboy when he hears about Julie Doucet and Michel Gondry’s collaboration. When is that coming out? October?

  2. Dan Nadel says:

    Well Frank, funny you should ask! We just sent it to the printer today. It’ll be out in October — pretty awesome book. Lame way for me to announce it, though. The new PBox web site will have much more info.

  3. Awesome interview, Dan. I was wondering, regarding what you said about the dialog between underground and more mainstream comic artists way back when, were guys like Ditko looking at and responding to underground comic artists the same way those underground guys were looking at Caniff?

  4. Dan Nadel says:

    Well, as I understand it there was some social give and take. Roger Brand was an assistant to both Gil Kane and Wally Wood, and socially introduced a bunch of the NYC underground cartoonists to at least Wood, who had underground aspirations himself. I don’t know if Ditko and others were responding though….

  5. inkstuds says:

    You should ask Kim Deitch about this.

  6. patrick ford says:

    As evidence of Dan Nadel’s superstar status note that the Inkstuds site has been down for two days, crashed by the volume of hits trying to listen to the Nadel interview.

  7. inkstuds says:

    my site is a piece of crap right now. looked at getting fixed. need help from kind soul that is good with wordpress.

  8. patrick ford says:

    The interview played fine the first time I went to listen. The trouble was I was doing some things around the house, and found the interview so interesting I decided I’d rather listen at a later time when I could pay better attention. Naturally since then the page has timed out every time I try and link to it.

  9. DerikB says:

    What kind of wordpress help do you need, Robin?

  10. patrick ford says:

    The new link didn’t work either, but I very much appreciate your trying.
    Is anyone else having the trouble I am trying to connect to the Inkstuds site?

  11. inkstuds says:

    It looks like the guy that originally set up the site, did a piss poor job, so everything needs to be reinstalled or tweaked. I have a new person helping now and she expects to have it fixed by early next week.

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