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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wait, New Comics Day is Thursday this Week? Shit!

Erstwhile internet pest Brynocki C also goes by the name Brian Chippendale. And it is under the latter guise that he is opening a solo exhibition of new work at Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn, Friday, June 4. Reception begins at 7 pm. Come see him and be sure to ask him about Master of Kung Fu. On a lighter note (sort of) Chipps has finished If ‘n Oof. 800 pages of sheer joy coming your way in September. We swear!


8 Responses to “Brynocki C Also Makes Art”
  1. Pellet says:

    hey man, so like, when are we gonna get previews of If ‘n Oof? I wanna see some things!

  2. brynocki C says:

    meeting today to make sure all 800 pages are in the right order. We can’t let any of the pages out of the bag cause no one will buy it if they see how bad it is.

  3. Brian is about to “drop the hammer” on us all.

    I saw the manuscript once and it made me want to give up trying to draw ACTION cuz he does it so well.

  4. brynocki C says:

    800 photo referenced pages of no-color separation goodness. 2 characters drawn to look exactly like Viggo Mortenson and Danny Devito with the movie treatment already delivered to 67 major film studios. Frank Santoro took the photos himself. Santoro!!!!!!!!

  5. Brian H. says:

    you guys really pound that photo reference thing too much. you sound like a couple of jocks!

  6. But Brian, I am a jock. Triple A hockey, baby!

  7. brynocki C says:

    Hey Frank, don’t talk to this “Brian H ” character. Dude is obviously using a fake name and i doubt he can do cartwheels anywhere near as good as Dan Nadel. And i wasn’t pounding Photo Ref, i was hugging. Maybe i am Brian H. Maybe i am Frank. Soccer. Volleyballs. Paper FootBall. Foosball. Slingshots. Archery. Water Aerobics. you name, we talk about it here on ” Sporty Sporty”.

  8. brian h. says:

    wow. you guys must get laid a lot.

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