When Gary Met Philip


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Panter vs. Dick. All the relevant links and info, plus a rare photo (not the more famous one at left) of Dick wearing his Rozz Tox t-shirt, courtesy of the best Philip K. Dick fanblog around.

(And there’s a bonus Gilbert Shelton connection!)

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3 Responses to “When Gary Met Philip”
  1. Mike McGonigal says:

    you want me to scan the drawing gary did for me of pkd when my old ‘zine published correspondence between art spiegelman and gary?

    just ask, baby.

  2. Marc Arsenault says:

    Chemical Imbalance, represent!

  3. T Hodler says:

    Mike —

    If it wouldn’t be too difficult, please do! That’d be great.

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