Sunday: Art in Time in L.A.


Friday, May 28, 2010

It'll be Like This

L.A. denizens:

This Sunday I’m having an afternoon book launch for Art in Time, featuring conversations with both contributing and like-minded cartoonists. We will be covering everything from Real Deal to Illuminations to Love and Rockets. Come on down — I promise a very unusual event.

Sunday, May 30
5 pm – 9 pm


611 N Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, 90036

Adventurous Cartoonists & Far-Out Comics

In celebration of his new comic anthology Art in Time: Unknown Comic Books Adventures, 1940-1980, art director/editor Dan Nadel will present an afternoon of book signings and conversations with notable cartoonists about the impact of adventure comics on popular culture. First, Dan will begin with an overview of adventure comics — from crime to cavemen, and back again! Next up, “Angry Youth”/”Prison Pit” author (and Cinefamily cover artist) Johnny Ryan interviews Lawrence Hubbard, co-creator of the raw ‘n riotous comic series “Real Deal”, set against the backdrop of a crime-ridden South Central. Later, join underground greats Sharon Rudahl, John Thompson and Barbara (Willy) Mendes in a panel discussion on their work, and on the milieu of 1960s subversive comics! Wrapping up the show is “Love And Rockets” co-creator Jaime Hernandez presenting a screening of the 1949 Joseph L. Mankiewicz classic A Letter To Three Wives, followed by a discussion with Jaime on the film, moderated by cartoonist Sammy Harkham.

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6 Responses to “Sunday: Art in Time in L.A.”
  1. Gabe Fowler says:

    Nicely done, this looks great.

  2. Are we gonna get a report on this event or some kinda diary thing? God, I’m so jealous…

  3. Dan Nadel says:

    I can confirm that report! Matt did a great job . It was wild and wooly, that’s for sure. I have audio and pix of the whole shebang, which I’ll have up here tomorrow or Thursday. Jaime’s film choice was brilliant and capped off the night wonderfully. Thanks to all who came out.

  4. Judy and I sent Matt fan mail, astonished at the brilliance of the writing. My son Quinn can put a musical score behind “The Whole Shebang” and edit in many more graphics. I wish we could edit in Sharon & Barbara’s strident comments about REAL DEAL, voices shrill with heartfelt emotion. Matt is capable of directing an hour documentary on Ryan & Laurence, with a few inserts of actors recreating various pages from his comix (like the poor waitress), then edit in Ms Mendes in Orthodox/Psychedelic attire ruminating in higf gear on such scenes. Dr Phil;ip Rubin of Yale (Prof. Brain Surgery) would send us is analysis on video of passages in REAL DEAL that disclose “embedded cognition”. Laurence’s character discloses linguistic pathology of TBI lesions on the pre frontal right cortex (someytmes the result of “Shaken Baby Syndrom TBI” or head wounds) {(Univ of Chicagi Psychiatric study indicated 90% of inmates on death row in Illinoise had TBI lesions, resulting in Rage Disorder (not just “anger”) and Impulse Disorder agrrevated by substance abuse. Rubin can explain how REAL DEAL provides much “medical” evidence about the characters’ brain functions.

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