Three PictureBox-Related Things To Do This Weekend


Friday, June 27, 2008

1. Listen to Dan’s interview with C.F. from this year’s MoCCA, courtesy of Indie Spinner Rack.

2. Go see Gary Panter and Devin Flynn on Saturday at Amoeba Music in Berkeley. Or see Gary later in the day at Park Life in San Francisco at 8 pm.

3. Prepare for Lauren R. Weinstein’s signing for The Goddess of War at Rocketship in Brooklyn Saturday night by taking a photographic tour of her studio.

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2 Responses to “Three PictureBox-Related Things To Do This Weekend”
  1. chan says:

    ITEM! Tim, after listening to your panel at Heroes, I made the same face.

    ITEM! Dan, the CF interview on ISR was amazing.

    ITEM! Frank, tell me someone recorded the panel you did with Xaime.

    ITEM! When is Cold Heat coming out?

    Wood Shavings, True Believers!

  2. Brian says:

    Hey, wasn’t there an interview CF conducted with Gary Panter? Was that recorded? If not, how’d it turn out? I can imagine some of the same ground having already been covered in promotional interviews, but I can also imagine it being a really weird and distinct conversation. (I can also imagine having hallucinated hearing about this, and it never having happened.)

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