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Friday, May 30, 2008

I’m going to be giving a lecture at MoCCA on saturday June 7th at 3:45. I hope that anyone who enjoys this blog, or my approach to comics, will come out.

It’s going to be about static and dynamic symmetry in art and how it applies to comics. There’s a couple handouts and I promise it won’t be boring. I’ve been keeping notes, preparing for it for weeks now, so I can promise you that it will be informative and entertaining.

I do a great Swannee.

and also, of course, Dan and Tim and I will be our usual peppy selves at the Puck Building on saturday and sunday for the actual MoCCA festival.

June 7 Saturday 3:45pm MoCCA Gallery, 594 Broadway (Suite 401), just below Houston.

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11 Responses to “MoCCA Lecture”
  1. The Miizzzard says:

    I’m lookin forward to it

  2. Anonymous says:

    you gotta soda on yer roof, asshole

  3. Marc Arsenault says:

    See you on the back nine, Frank

  4. Alex Holden says:

    These handouts better be on stank, purple, ditto paper. Or else!!!

  5. Marc Arsenault says:

    I’m holding out for blue line salt proofs! Even stinkier!

  6. Frank Santoro says:

    I’ll do my best

  7. LMSN says:

    will you record it for us morsels around the world

  8. Tucker Stone says:

    i’ll bring my dirty cunt of a dick for love, sugar golden crisp style

  9. Frank Santoro says:

    I’ll try and record it, but plan on expanding this into an article of some kind, so don’t sweat. and thanks for axing.

  10. LMSN says:

    for the next comics comics????
    do u know anything about when the next one will be out??

  11. Christopher Beckett says:


    Really sorry I can’t make the show now. My buddy’s car was totaled (and valued at $4 more than he owed), so he needed to put his money into a vehicle. Add to that, the fact we lost our housing for that weekend, and we’ve switched gears, and are prepping for SPX now.

    Will you be heading to Bethesda this year Frank?


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