This is Unseemly #2


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Everyone and his sister has already linked to this profile of Paul Pope in the Wall Street Journal.

And I still agree with John Updike’s rule for critics: “Review the book, not the reputation.”

But man, I have to say this makes me wish I’d been a little harder on Heavy Liquid last month.

This does not reflect well on me, I know.

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13 Responses to “This is Unseemly #2”
  1. Frank Santoro says:

    Yeah, weird timing, right?

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Frank Santoro says:

    wait what?

  4. T Hodler says:

    I don’t know what “foilage” means, either, but if it’s meant to be a criticism of my post, it sounds about right.

  5. zik says:

    Pope says “foliage” wrong in the video.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Just to be fair though, the thing read like it was written by a “style” writer, or some kind of marketing hack.

    It’s foliage not “foilage”. He says it twice in the video.

  8. Lauren R. Weinstein (Tim's wife) says:

    If Paul Pope says “foilage” I will too! He is soooo cute–in an edgy way! Loser guys say “foliage”. Sorry Tim.

  9. Lauren R. Weinstein (Tim's wife) says:

    I can’t work on my comics right now! My body temperature is too high!

  10. Frank Santoro says:

    “foilage” is when you have weed but nothing to smoke it with. Bust out the tin foil. Foilage.

  11. T Hodler says:

    I hadn’t watched that video until this morning, so I just thought that “foilage” was some newfangled slang for hater-ade or something.

    You know, though, those WS Journal guys were kind of uncool not to let Pope know that wasn’t the correct pronunciation of foliage.

  12. Scott says:

    Review the reputation
    Not the pronunciation

  13. Frank Santoro says:

    yeah we need some content around here.

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